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  • Thursday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:41:30
  • by Purusutam Kalita

     SIVASAGAR, ASSAM : The objective of spreading the word about the monuments in Sivasagar district is an exceptional move by a 16-year-old youth from Sivasagar Bakta. Saurabh Gogoi today started his cycle journey from the front of the historic Shivdaul to Ladakh. Saurabh Gogoi, who appeared for the high school education examination this time from Dhitaipukhuri Higher Secondary School, will cycle to Ladakh for nearly a month with the aim of spreading the ancient monuments of Sivasagar district to various states.

    Saurabh Gogoi, who started his journey from the historic Shivdaul campus at 11-45 pm on Friday, was greeted by various party organisations for the beautiful effort. Accepting the wishes of various party organizations including Sivasagar District Journalists Association, Greater Assamese Youth Forum, Scheduled Caste Students Association, Ekta Sena, Saurabh Gogoi said, “I am proud of Sivasagar. Let the tourists come to see the historical monuments of Sivasagar, i wish him all the best. But what is there is to be communicated to outsiders about it in Sivasagar. Commented that there will be publicity.


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