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    The 8 Strangest Races in the World

    Published on March 25, 2021

    Everyone knows about racing cars, trucks, bicycles, and horse races. However, you probably haven’t heard anything about the races we are going to talk about in this article. Telecomasia.net brings you eight of the strangest races in the world.

     Strangest Races in the World
    Source: twitter.com

    8. The Badwater Ultramarathon

    This is the most difficult marathon in the world. Athletes run 135 miles in the heat, which reaches 40-50 degrees. It is necessary to complete the entire route in 48 hours (there are 4 more time marks in the direction of travel), overcoming three mountain passes with a total climb of 4450 meters and a drop of 1859 meters. Participants pass a strict selection, and also make a mandatory cash contribution ($1495). In this case, the winner does not receive any prize. Anyone who completes the most difficult trail in 48 hours will receive a commemorative T-shirt and Badwater buckle.

    It is interesting that for the entire time of the ultramarathon, not a single fatal outcome was recorded. Also, in recent years, out of about 100 participants, 77–93 have reached the finish line. Of course, only the most persistent people participate in this race!

    7. Equestrian Marathon

    This equestrian competition, which takes place in Mongolia, is rightfully considered one of the most difficult in the world. The fact is that horses with riders on their backs have to overcome thousands of kilometers of vast steppes to reach the finish line. There were cases when animals came to the finish line without riders, as they fell out of the saddle.

    6. Hot Air Balloon Race

    hot air balloon race
    Source: flickr.com

    This competition has been hosted by the town of Reno in the United States for 35 years. There are no restrictions for participants. If you have a balloon, then you can easily compete with other balloonists. The race takes place for three days. It is very interesting to watch how several balls are knocked out to the leaders, and the other 100 are trying to catch up with them. Competitions are popular because of their entertainment, so the prize fund is growing every year. At the moment, you can win about $20,000.

    5. Descending the Amazon River

    Racers raft down the Amazon River in Peru. The descent is scary not only because it is very steep. Recall that the Amazon is the most dangerous river in the world. Not only is it inhabited by alligators and piranhas, but also the strong current constantly threatens to overturn the boat because of each awkward movement of the rowers. All this keeps the participants under constant tension and gives a powerful charge of adrenaline. Another interesting detail as the boats cannot be bought. They have to be handmade by the participants of the competition.

    4. Goat and Blue Crab Race

    This is a one-off race that is held in two stages in April on the island of Tobago. The goats are the first to compete. They are followed by the drivers who keep the animals on a leash, cheer them up and help them stay on track.

    In the second stage, the blue crabs compete with each other. Directing them in the right direction is much more difficult than the goats, so the crustacean hosts prop them up with thin rods. Unfortunately, after the race, both winners and losers will be eaten.

    3. Racing in pumpkins

    racing in pumpkins
    Source: twitter.com

    In the German city of Ludwigsburg, the largest pumpkin exhibition in all of Europe takes place every year. There are competitions for the biggest pumpkins, sculptures, dishes and more. But the most spectacular part of the event is the pumpkin race, which is used as a watercraft. They hollow out the middle of the pumpkin, which weighs over 100 kg so that a rower with an oar can fit in. The unusual boats compete on the local lake, where lanes are divided in advance.

    2. Races of snails

    Of course, this spectacle can hardly be called a race, but the snails compete with each other in speed. The competitions are held in the English county of Norfolk. In this case, the number of participants reaches 300 individuals. The winner receives a very worthy prize – a silver cup filled to the brim with salad, a favorite snail delicacy.

    1. Robot Camel Competition

    This unusual race takes place in Dubai. Every year a lot of people come to watch these competitions. The question may arise: why are robots used as riders? The thing is that someone light must sit astride a camel so that the animal develops high speed (at short distances they can accelerate to 60 km/h). Previously, children played this role, but in the modern world, it was decided to replace them with robots so as not to endanger the kids. At the same time, the androids are controlled remotely. The main prize is $1,000,000.