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The birth of a political messiah

By Sidhartha

Politics without Principle is a sin-Mahatma Gandhi

kejriMr. Aravind Kejriwal deserves a standing ovation for defeating the corrupt in the electoral battle and finally enthroning himself as the chief minister of Delhi.    Kejriwal, the anti-graft crusader, has joined hands with his prime political opponent, the Congress party, a party he was ruthlessly attacking at all available moments for its rampant corruption, to take possession of one of the most sought after political position in the country.

Many questions are asked from unfriendly quarters on his taking support from bête noire Congress to form the Aam Admi Party (AAP) government in the national capital.

It is a proven fact,  Kejriwal is truthful to his principles. But he could relinquish anything and everything for the nation and its aam admi.  His firm commitment to the nation would have forced him to take support of the “corruption tainted “Congress party and become the chief minister of Delhi state. This need not be construed as his crave for power.

Appreciate the fact, Kejriwal, an upright anti-corruption activist with little twinge deserted his mentor and guru Anna Hazare to form a political party, Aam Admi Party (AAP).  In fact,  the massive public participation in the 12 day long fast of original anti- corruption  crusader Anna in Delhi  enthused the bureaucrat turned  social activist to  make good of  Anna’s  goodwill  to attain his long cherished ambition, to cleanse politics of the  country.

His commitment and courage needs to be accredited.  Ignoring the opposition of his mentor Anna Kejriwal   pursued his political aspiration.  He challenged both the national Congresses and BJP on the issue of corruption.  During the Delhi Assembly election campaign the AAP chief used every vocabulary he knew to abuse Congress and its leadership. If AAP was elected to power Former Delhi Chief Minister Congress and her ministerial collogue would be booked on corruption charges, he had promised to the Aam Admi.

Despite AAP’s utmost animosity to Congress party, Sonia Gandhi offered Kejriwal “unconditional” support of her party.  Kejriwal walked an extra mile to accept the offer and sown in as the 7th chief minister of Delhi.

Soon after the election Delhi poll results, Kejriwal had loudly declared “AAP will neither extend support to any party or take support from any party (to form the government in Delhi).”      But in just two weeks the anti-corruption crusader changed his minds to accept “unconditional” support   from the “corrupt” Congress, the party he constantly rebuked and held guilty for massive corruption.

The new chief minister of Delhi has a perfect reason for his political decision. “If we (AAP) do not form the government, the BJP will accuse us of running away from responsibility,” he said to the media, justifying the formation government with the support of Congress and added, “Now the Congress has become our B-Team.”

So, it is at BJP’s coercion and compulsion Kejriwal accepted the support of the “corrupt” Congress party and sworn in as the Chief Minister of Delhi. It is because the congress was pestering AAP to take their support Kejriwal took the historic decision. Not because of any lust for power.

What a great leader Aravind Kejriwal is. He is here to demonstrate how to fight corruption with the support of corrupt.  The upcoming young leaders have to learn new political principles and ethics from this young champion.







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