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    The Best Low-Cost Car Modifications You Can Do Yourself

    Published on June 2, 2020

    Modifying cars is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle. Still, most drivers are put off by the cost of customisation options and the difficulties of installing certain performance-enhancing features. Cosmetic modifications are the solution to this and are the perfect place to start if you’re a budding motor-head. Here are some of the best DIY cosmetic and practical mods that you can do yourself.

    1. Headlight Covers

     Headlight covers are simple plastic covers that fit over your headlights and can change the look of your headlights. They are easy to install and can even change your headlights’ colour, so they can give your car a unique night-time driving experience for a very low cost.

    1. Upgraded Headlights

     If you have an old car, it probably uses relatively gentle halogen bulbs. You will have notices bright lights on newer models that can illuminate the road to a much higher degree; these are either HID4 or LED lights, and they’re easy to install. You can purchase conversion kits at most car shops.

    1. Interior LEDs

     Interior LEDs can colour the interior of your car and give it a highly custom feel that will impress anybody passenger on a night drive. They may not be the most tasteful option, but they’re great fun.

    1. Flashing Lights

     Can you think of a cooler mod than lights that they use on emergency vehicles? Emergency vehicle lights are low-cost and can be installed relatively easily – the most significant thing you need to consider is whether it is legal to turn them on. Some places only allow you to use them on private property, while other laws might specify only specific colours can be used. LED lights allow you to use several different colours, so make sure you only use those that won’t be mistaken for actual emergency officials.

    1. Seat Covers

     A good seat cover adds to the interior experience of the car and can hide old upholstery stains. They can spruce up any old car, and there are countless covers to choose from. Some of these can be low cost, while others (like leather covers) can be more expensive.

    1. Steering Wheel Cover

     Steering wheel covers are a rapid modification and can be stylish and practical with heated covers available for those early winter commutes.

    1. Door Lock Accents

     Door lock accents are a small touch that can enhance the ‘bling’ of your car. You can buy low-cost ones online, but if you value your bling, you can also buy accents encrusted with actual gemstones.

    1. Coloured Windshield Wipers 

    You can easily buy and install coloured windshield wiper brackets that give a bit of colour to your car and are considered by some as more tasteful than additions like racing stripes. They’re another little mod you can do to make your car more unique.

    1. Custom Emblem

     You can take off your car’s emblem and replace it with something that’s either subtler with muted tones, more special with brighter colours or more bling with custom emblems that use real Swarovski crystals.