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  • Tea blends from the finest and oldest tea estates in India, Luxmi Tea Group

    Energy is the holy grail of the overworked millennial, the sleep-deprived new mom, and the outdoorsy go-getter. It’s better to “chase the dragon” with a nutrient-laden cup of tea instead of an artificially sweetened energy drink or a dehydration-causing cup of coffee. Teas have naturally occurred caffeine, but Luxmi teas are built to deliver sustained energy while also optimizing our body’s functions giving long-term benefits.

    Tea has been part of a daily morning wake-up ritual and mid-day break since farmers first needed to rise and grind. Tea was thought of as only a functional medicinal drink until the 6th century, as a matter of fact, and often used solely for the purpose of waking up and invigorating. Of course, now our palettes have grown to appreciate a tea that gives energy but is also flavorful in the process.

    The Best Teas Blends from Luxmi Tea Group 

    Teas are currently the second most consumed beverage in the world, just behind coffee. Over 80% of all American households have some variety of tea in their cupboards. The science behind the reason tea gives us energy lies in the moderate amount of caffeine in the tea leaves and the powerful plant compound L-theanine.

    L-theanine is known to improve mental alertness and attention and, when combined with naturally occurring caffeine, creates a powerful functional tea drink.

    Luxmi Tea Group has been giving a more sustained energy boost over time. Some teas are better than others when you are looking for energy-giving qualities, and we have created a list of the best options below.

    English Breakfast Black Tea

    There is a reason this classic is known as the “breakfast” tea. This is historical because a Scottish tea master decided in 1892 to create a strong brew that was meant to give an energy kick first thing in the morning. It can contain almost the same amount of caffeine as black coffee if brewed strongly and is also a great digestive. This is helpful in that it can help to break down and absorb the nutrients of a big breakfast, giving your body’s digestive system a break and you more energy.

    Yerba Mate

    While this is not a true tea in that it doesn’t come from the leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant, it does come from the leaves and twigs of the Yerba Mate plant from South America. The leaves are steeped to create a drink that is more commonly called “mate” but is colloquially referred to as “tea” in modern times. The indigenous people in South America drank Yerba Mate regularly, where it was known as the “drink of the gods” and heralded for its energy-giving properties, high antioxidants, and ability to aid focus and concentration.

    Green Teas

    Green teas have been the original energy-boosting elixir for hundreds of years. This tea might have been the reason tea cups were invented and mornings became easier. While green tea in and of itself has just half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, when combined with a superfood like ginger, it can become an energy powerhouse. The amino acid L-theanine that is found in green teas also helps boost focus and concentration without giving you the coffee jitters.

    Chai Adda Tea

    Chai Adda teas are synonymous with the aromatic spiced drink of India, often drank three times a day to improve sustained energy. They are usually blended with a base of caffeinated black tea with various spices. While the spices are not caffeinated, they can have energizing effects, including improved digestion, reduced blood sugar levels, and boosted alertness.


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