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    The big statement made by former Supreme Court Chief Justice and Rajya Sabha MP Ranjan Gogoi is a big game for the country’s politicians. The perfect NRC nobody wants. Political parties have been playing for 50 years.

    Published on February 12, 2021

    by Bhupen Goswamit

    Guwahati: Former Supreme Court Chief Justice and Rajya Sabha MP Ranjan Gogoi on Thursday made a big statement on the NRC. Gogoi said that NRC is a game in Assam which has been running for 50 years. He said that the ruling party or the opposition, everybody has used this issue to seek votes, no one wants the siddha NRC.

    Elections are contested in Assam by making promises to the migrants and the native people. Gogoi made these points during an interview for a TV channel. The former chief justice said, “NRC is a big game for politicians in the country. Whether it is the BJP government in the state or the Congress. The NRC is a game that political parties have been playing for years. Illegal migrants are told that we will protect you. Give us votes. The other political party will tell the local people that illegal migrants are the biggest threat to us. We will pull them out. ‘

    Gogoi further said that a political party protects migrants for votes. The other party promises to ward off migrants for the vote. In Assam, all this has been going on for 50 years. Every time he promises a full proof NRC. He said that Himanta Biswa Sarma said that after the election he would come out with a full proof NRC. What is the fault in this NRC? Why is it not being implemented?
    On the question of NRC across the country, Gogoi said that at present, one state needs NRC and it is not happening there. Where is the question of NRC for the entire country? You have been struggling for NRC in one state for 40-50 years.