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  • The Brainy Bear Store Introduces exciting subscription models for children in the age group of 0-2 years

    Published on January 12, 2022

    The Brainy Bear Store, one of India’s top providers of learning tools for children introduces first-of-its kind specially curated subscription boxes for children between the age group of 0-2 years to help develop multiple skills including cognitive, language and motor skills in the early years. The Brainy Bear Store is a one stop shop, offering learning tools developed based on advanced research by highly experienced trainers working in the area of early childhood education and parenting experts.

    Research indicates that 80% of brain development happens by the age of three.  A total of 8 subscription boxes have been curated with specialised boxes for sensory stimulation skills, writing readiness skills, fine motor skills, early reading skills, emotional skills, art and craft skills and cognitive skills. The all new subscription based activity box includes high resolution stimulation tools for infants and toddlers. It also includes educational flash cards, pincer grip development activities, building hand dexterity activities, language, and early math/numeracy to support early age development.

    Developed and manufactured in India by local craftsmen, the products are hand crafted, non-toxic, plastic free, along with international CE certification. Products under the Brainy Bear label are pedagogically mapped to shape intellectual growth and support cognitive development of children in their early years. The products are in compliance with ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Foundation) as prescribed by UN & National Education Policy 2020. In a short span of four months, The Brainy Bear store has grown to become a preferred brand of learning tools for children.

    Speaking on the launch, Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Parenting Coach and Early Learning expert & Founder, The Brainy Bear Store and Founder, Get Set Parent, India’s fastest growing parenting social media handle said “With a quest to enable young parents pick the right learning tools for their children in their most crucial years of development, we are delighted to launch our all-new subscription based model to deliver state-of-the-art learning experiences to children. As a parenting expert, I understand that learning is one of the main areas of focus for parents in their children’s formative years. From cognitive skills to fine motor coordination and emotional intelligence, this subscription box is a curated learning experience that is most beneficial for their children in their formative years. At The Brainy Bear store, we strive to provide children with experiences that are memorable and have a lasting impact on their learning curve”

    Priced at INR 2299, each activity box comprises 8-10 learning tools. The subscription model has been introduced to facilitate continuous and seamless learning engagement for children. Each box is paired carefully with Milestone Chart and Instruction Manual to help discover a world of fun, learning and play. Brainy Bear Store provides options across multiple age and skill categories which can be availed on quarterly basis based on individual requirements. With a flexible pricing model, Brainy Bear Store offers various options for customers who can also opt to buy their current consignment as well as for the next quarter based on their convenience.


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