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    The Burning Man , to be a potential future film” says Director Lomharsh

    Published on March 4, 2021

    Mumbai :  In a career of 4 years Lomharsh focused on creating powerful content which provokes the audience and has power to bring change in society. Recently he got attention for letest  book “The Burning Man’. His debut feature ‘Yeh Hai India’ spoke louder about the double standards in our country, our problem as a nation and  possible solutions. That is the reason his film got international acceptance and awards, as he is just not making films to praise the nation. People loved the truthfulness he showed about our country and its pride. He received the Best Director and Best Movie Award at FOG, USA in 2017 for the same. Similarly, the story of Chicken Biryani and Chicken Biryani 2, provoked people about the standards in our Army and how smartly we presented the situation of Kashmir in CB 2 by portraying deaf kid named as Kashmir. 
    He also got more the 25 awards and Nominations for both films Nationally and Internationally. He states that this is because “the global audience always sees the truthfulness in cinema, which I always keep as my main ingredient in my filmmaking. Whether it is my Viral Ads ‘Main Udna Chahti Hu’, which was based on the theme of ‘Let Girls Fly’ or the latest release ‘Bebaak Parindey’ about self motivation and chasing dreams.” He along with his team at Shilom Media Production, always prioritise the sensible cinema and their motto is simple ‘Cinema for Change’

    Lomharsh also speaks about his latest book ‘The Burning Man’, which will be a potential future film too as it revolves around the hardship and life of basic law abiding citizens of our country i.e. poor people. The story is about the journey of a father in search of his lost kid across India, which will again show the true face of the real indian day-to-day struggles of ordinary people and their enthusiasm and never giving up attitude.

    His contents are doing well on international OTT platforms like Shorts TV USA , Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon ROW because the international audience is not country biased they are content biased. He is very selective about his work selections. He says “No matter how least active I am but my contents are most active even after years of release.”

    So far, he has won 30+ Awards and Nominations, which includes Bharat Global Icon Award of Best Director 2020 in USA for his 4 Ads and 1 Viral Ad released in 2020 for an online educational giant of our nation. Awardee ‘Youth Ambassador of Peace by UPF and UN at Parliament of India for his contribution in cinema for making socially responsible cinema. And recently Awarded ‘Sahityakosh Samman 2021’ for his latest release book ‘The Burning Man’ is few to count on and he said “It’s just the beginning of a wonderful cinematic journey I am travelling upon.”

    Soon he will be coming up with his next feature film which is based on the Medical Profession. This story not only talks about the Doctors but also focuses on the hardships and realities of this profession. Lomharsh and his team have worked really hard on scripts and dialogues as they want to leave the imprints of realism through their work of cinema making.

    This is just a beginning to Lomharsh career and he is already hitting hard and penetrating not only on national level but internationally. Lomharsh says, “The audience is loving and looking forward to our future works. It’s a journey and we are walking peacefully and quietly, leaving our content behind to make noise about change in society on a global level.”