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  • The CK Birla Hospital performs highest number of successful surgeries through Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy in North India

    Published on April 21, 2022

    Furthering the commitment to strengthening delivery of global standards of clinical excellence, the CK Birla Hospital®, successfully treated a 26-year-old patient by removing a 10 cm breast lump through an innovative tissue biopsy sampling method. Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy (VABB) is an innovative and more effective alternative to the traditional method where benign lumps are removed surgically, leaving scars and causing distress. Advanced technologies like VABB enable removal of the smallest of benign lumps without leaving scars or causing disfigurement of the breast.

    The young patient was experiencing a lump in her breast since the last 4 years which gradually started increasing in size. On consulting the doctor, she underwent a biopsy which ruled out the presence of cancerous cells. However, she was diagnosed with fibroadenoma, a benign breast condition characterized by non-cancerous tumors made up of glandular and connective tissues. Fibroadenomas comprise about 50% of all breast biopsies in young women. A team of doctors led by Dr Rohan Khandelwal at The Breast Centre, CK Birla Hospital®, Gurugram, recommended the VABB treatment to avoid scarring on the breast. The fibroadenoma lump was removed through a minimal 2mm incision.

    Dr Rohan Khandelwal said, “Fibroadenomas are solid, noncancerous breast lumps that occur most often in women between the ages of 15 and 35. While fibroadenomas do not affect the risk of breast cancer, it can slightly increase risk if a woman has a complex fibroadenoma. Highly advanced technologies such as Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy have proven to be extremely beneficial for young and unmarried patients by aiding in definitive and early diagnosis, leaving no scar behind. In this case, the patient was able to resume day-to-day activities from the very next day post-surgery’’.

    VABB has been approved by FDA (USA) and NICE (UK) for complete removal of fibroadenoma. This advanced technology is widely used abroad and is now available in India for helping women combat breast cancer. The CK Birla Hospital®, Gurugram is amongst one of the few hospitals in North India to use Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy technology. It increases the efficiency, accuracy, and ease of targeting small breast lesions and therefore is practiced as a gold standard across the globe.


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