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  • Thursday, April, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:03:27
  • New Delhi : “Incredible India” program is being organized in Central Park, Rajiv Chowk, Delhi. Various disciplines of Indian culture were presented in the festival. Which include classical and folk dances, music, Indian cuisine and painting.
    The main guest of the program, West Zone Cultural Center, Udaipur Director Furqan Khan and Director of NCZCC Mr Inderjit Grover started the program by lighting the lamp with all the artists.
    The program was started by Ms Vidhi Sharma of Delhi by Bhajan and Sugam Music, in which Ms Vidhi recited the audience with the Bhajan as like Ghooghat ke pat khol and with sufi song Chaap Tilak. The compositions of Ms Vidhi won the hearts of all the audience.Through the Incredible India program, Ms Vidhi Sharma said that citizens of India should take the time to understand their Indian culture because whatever in India today is due to its traditions and culture.
    After this presentation, Bharatnatyam Shivoham was presented as per the direction of Mrs Sindhu Mishra. In this program, 12 artists started with Ganesh Vandana.
    After this presentation Kathak ballet was presented by Shri Devi Durga Lal Kathak Institute of Delhi. In this presentation, about 8 artists first offered Shiva praise, then the year and then presented Tarana. Along with this presentation, Guru Gitanjali Lal has requested the younger generation that if young Indians listen to classical music, they will help the mind, body and soul to attain peace. After this, Contemporary dance was presented in collaboration with around 19 artists by the guidelines of Shri Deep Sarkaar of Delhi. In this presentation it was shown that the Indian Army is working so hard for our country. How do they train and how they fight for there country has shown.
    After this program, a folk dance of all the states has been done. 16 artists of Assam have performed Bihu and warden shikhla nritya. This dance is also done at different levels of harvesting and on the arrival of new seasons. Varadei Shikhla dance is a special dance of the Bodo of Assam. After this, it was now turned of Dandiya of Gujarat which is famous all over the world. Dandiya is a popular folk dance of Gujarat state, which is done during Navratri. Around 16 artists performed in this dance. This was followed by popular dance Karma dance of Chhattisgarh. This music is related to raag-raginis, and about 17 artists have done this dance together. The audience liked this program so much that the audience got its pleasure by standing up. After this presentation, Kashmir’s famous Bachanagima folk dance has been done. In which 15 artists did this dance. This dance is done by men at harvest time.
     After this presentation, folk dance Chhapeli of Uttarakhand Kumaon was presented. The Chhapeli dance is a festival performed in the festival of Kumaon and Manglik works. In this folk dance, about 15 artists performed this dance. So, in the end, Telangana’s famous folk dance Mathuri was presented. This dance depicts the nature of Krishna Rasleelas, and this dance is performed on Janmashtami.
    This program will run till 12th August.