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The Design Village Organized an academic workshop in collaboration with Ink Social Design- A Netherlands-based practice

In collaboration with Ink Social Design, a Netherlands-based Social Design practice, The Design Village (TDV) organized a workshop with Ms. Anna Noyons– the Founder of Ink Social Design & Social Designer. The workshop aims to highlight the extensive impact of social design and empower the next generation of designers with the tools and approaches needed to tackle real-world challenges.

Ink is a community of designers and psychologists who want to improve the world with the mission to make the world more sustainable and inclusive. Anna, visited the campus of TDV to strengthen the cross-cultural relationship between both parties. The two students of the design village Saansh Arora and Mayank Raj have been fortunate to intern under an enthusiastic team who truly feel responsible towards our planet and constantly strive to solve the problems of today.

The students of tdv got an exclusive opportunity to connect with Anna and learn more about her approach to social design. When questioned about her design priorities during student interactions, she explains that she integrates her design expertise into her ongoing projects as a way to investigate her design domain. As a social designer, she successfully communicated that the philosophies and principles of social design govern all domains of design.

Anna Noyons said that “ No one can design for a Social Impact by sitting in a chair, one has to roam and gain experiences to rightly design for the society”. At Ink, they believe that the root of many of our biggest problems today is that we are not connected enough. With ourselves, with each other, and with the planet.

The social design workshop concluded with a one-on-one interactive session on the importance of sustainability in the field of design and career opportunities in the Netherlands. The students were motivated and enlightened to be able to gain important insights into the varied and significant fields of design.

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