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The Design Village Showcases Socially Motivated Projects at Cumulus Beijing Conference

 The Design Village  students and graduates participated in the Cumulus Beijing: Narratives of Love, hosted by the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. The theme of this conference as ‘Narratives of Love : Towards Healing, Transformation and Transcendence’ aimed to explore and interpret the ideas and forms of ‘Love’ in multiple dimensions, including the individual, family, ethnic group, nation, world, nature, and even the supernatural. It delved into the realms of thoughts and thinking, discussing interdisciplinary topics such as culture and ecology, society and education, policy and economy, science and ethics, philosophy and faith. The conference sought to gather cross-cultural wisdom to explore the future directions and methodologies of art and design.

TDV was one of the 23 schools showcasing courses, student’s projects and graduation work, consequentially reflecting the values and capacities of TDV & its students. The projects are both socially conscious, and socially motivated redefining briefs from the lens of long term sustainability. TDV students through their projects demonstrate the courage to push the conversation, to acknowledge diverse and difficult opinions, to confront, collaborate and develop ideas through them. They are aware of the impact of creation and are conscientious in their design approaches.

Mudita Pasari, Academic Dean, TDV said “It was an incredible experience representing TDV at Cumulus Beijing. The cutting edge innovation and sociology-cultural conversation happening in an international community were inspiring and helped put in perspective the role India can play at the world stage of design evolution and impact. At The Design Village we are proud to be front runners of these conversations.”

Cumulus is a leading global association of art and design education and research. The conference attempted to gather cross-cultural knowledge to explore the future directions and practice of art and design. By participating in the Cumulus, The Design Village reaffirmed its pedagogical commitment of acknowledging & nurturing the plurality of our existence, the necessity to intertwine through the uniqueness of an Indian experience along with international standards that push the boundaries of modern design domains.

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