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  • The digital payment solutions company Ikeda honors its employees at EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION AWARDS NIGHT at the Lemon Tree Hotel, Gurugram

    Published on August 11, 2021

    Mumbai: One of the nation’s best digital payment companies recognized its special and dedicated employees by honoring them with Best Performance and Best Achievement award. 

    Hotel Lemon Tree, Gurugram, August 7, 2021. Ikeda Pvt. Ltd announced the name of the top achievers in an event organized at Hotel Lemon Tree. 
    Full safety and Covid precautions were taken at the event to ensure full joy and fun of employees along with holding a healthy discussion with them on future growth of the company. 

    “We are very fortunate to be here at this platform today’’, said Puran Puri, CEO of the IKeda Pvt. Ltd. Other delegates present at the occasion were Founder Manish Goyal, COO Rajesh Swami, VP Kishan Gopal Choudhary, along with the relentless employees.  

    ‘’Our area of expertise is our hands-on approach to ensuring that our clients’ digital visions are fulfilled with the greatest degree of direct communication, satisfaction, and reliability,’’Puran Puri stressed. 
    As the event relates to dedicating a day to honor those who have always stood by Ikeda to bring it here and let us celebrate the success of the company, the new future goals were also set up on this day. 
    Ikeda is famous for its innovative and all time motivated approach for its employees and its clients. The award ceremony recognized employees for their outstanding service and was categorized under Appreciation award, Best Performance Award, and Best Achievement Award. 

    Founder of the company Manish Goyal added that “ he doesn’t have to move and look anywhere outside for innovation and motivation, Manish Goyal goes on adding he is fortunate to have loyal and dedicated employees, who have always stood by him even in his risky decisions, I can’t stop myself saying that everyone in Ikeda is my family. 

    And by support of my family members I have succeeded even in my risky decisions.” Puran Puri, Rajesh Swami, and Kishan Gopal Choudhary have been invaluable advocates for creating platforms that drive awareness and foster change in our industry. We all have much work to do but with focus and positive approach. The announcement of this award is a watershed moment for the industry and channel in terms of elevating the prominence of employees who are genuinely at the heart of change,” said COO Rajesh Swami. 

    “When it comes to innovation, company growth, and customer/supplier relationships, these individuals are driving their businesses ahead.
    Ikeda is a major provider of end-to-end cash and digital payment solutions, as well as automation technologies, in India. 

    We provide a range of tailored goods and services, including ATM outsourcing and cash management, as well as online payment systems such as merchant payment providers, transaction processing services, and mobile wallets. 

    We are working with a mission to be known as the premier payment and digital ecosystem partner, allowing consumers, merchants, and banks to seamlessly use the latest technology.

    by Sachin Murdeshwar


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