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  • The emergence of Short-Video Platforms in India

    Published on August 1, 2019

    By Mr. Puneet Sharma, Brand Strategist


    With the progression in new-age media, there has been a significant swing in the kind of content being consumed now a day. This has led to multiple changes, ranging from content creation to its implications on the various industries. For instance, this has assisted brands in making promotion strategies more personalized and consumer inclusive. Today, new-age media is no more restricted to just creating content for the audience. Rather, the users are being given the opportunities to participate and curate unique content.

    With the recent increase of short-Video platforms, Industries has witnessed a very different scenario in India. According to a report, the growth of user-generated content is cumulative across all the platforms hence, the importance of user generated content cannot be ignored wherein users are accepting other app-based platforms which have been an untouched area for many Indians till date. The escalating usage of short video over social media platform like Tiktok, Vmate, Likee is a very prominent example of the user-generated content in India, where individuals, brands, etc are implementing campaigns and people are showcasing their talents like acting, singing, dancing, culinary skills, etc to support it.

    Why it is attaining fame

    Ease of Use

    Social media platforms have presented an alternative version of online sharing where everyone is showcasing the power of short content. Such apps are serving a great platform for budding talent where they can’t afford a studio to make a perfect video like Bollywood celebrities. Applications such as Likee app which provide provides the most extensive and innovative tools to users to create dynamic and engaging videos. The features’ list ranges from lip-syncing Music Magic filters, AR effects with 4D magic to a vast library of dynamic stickers that is updated regularly to include new ones.

    Unique features  

    The exclusive nature of the content obtained from one’s day to day life activities such as challenges, events etc shared by the users or audience adds uniqueness to make the content more likable. Short-Videos have become the connecting point with loads of people where no brands are trying to teach or preach but an individual personality is providing content which any ulterior motive. This has offered for all kinds of entertainers, reviewers, stand-up comedians, motivational speakers, spiritual guides, nutritionists, food vloggers, and globe trotters, etc, who are different from the previous generations.

    Offers miscellany in content

    The variety of content has been generated by the user is flawless. Today, the content is no more restricted to only texts or videos. With the burgeoning industry of various short video platforms like Tik.tok, Vmate, Likee, etc. we are considering the content which is funny & Humorous.

    Wealthy advantages attached to it

    In Future, the user-generated content is going to play an essential role in the industry since it has various features attached to it. Following are:

    • Talent hunting will be easy for various Industries such as Entertainment.
    • A new platform for people sitting in Tie-2 and Tier-3 cities.

    Mode of Earning

    Such platforms have been encouraging user-generated content by allowing them to monetize the content. These platforms have become a lucrative method for people to try their hands on the platforms to earn extra income, name & fame. Be it Tiktok, Vmate, Likee etc. the creativity has been offered a chance to flourish even at the ground level wherein people are really getting paid amply for following their passion and chasing their dreams to get rich and prominent.


    With the new age media the user generated content will always be a very engaging aspect in the universe of content, as it allows the content to become more relevant, educational, and desirable. The short-video platforms are going to add more worth to the entire procedure. Even though the short-video platforms have been around for a few years, one should be grateful to the new wave of short-video platforms powered with the enhanced technology where one has the power of sharing their talent anytime, anywhere which makes the content extremely moving.