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  • Thursday, November, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:41:19
  • Ruhani Puri, who grew up in Amritsar, Punjab, has become well-known in the cosmetics sector. She is a skilled professional who also develops content. She is well-known for her exceptional makeup talents as well as the mentorship programme she leads to help those aspiring to careers as makeup artists. In addition to beauty, she enjoys music, manifestation, and travel.

    Ruhani Puri has made a name for herself in the cosmetics industry because she is driven to grow personally and professionally. She is brave and has a strong faith in Guruji.

    This is her tenth year as a business owner. Sukhi Sanghera tutored her, and she obtained a degree from Peral Academy after demonstrating exceptional competence. She continued to study while working at the Mac flagship store in Delhi. There, she met Micky, the contractor, and learned a lot from him. Micky Contractor is also known as “India’s Makeup Guru.”

    Ruhani Puri, a makeup artist, currently runs the outstanding “Makeup Academy by Ruhani Puri” studio in Amritsar. The cosmetics studio also caters to young females interested in working as makeup artists.

    The artist has worked with well-known individuals such as actors, singers, and influencers. She prioritizes her customers and is a dedicated artist. Because of her knowledge and abilities, her clients are continuously drawn to her. She assists her clients in achieving their perfect appearance.

    She has a certain professional goal in mind. She shares her expertise while working enthusiastically. Ruhani is always keen to learn new abilities and improve on her own. She asserts that she learns something new every day from her students and team members and believes that everyone is a lifelong learner.

    In addition to cosmetics, Ruhani offers hair and personal upkeep lessons. Despite her cosmetics, her charming personality is what pulls people to her. Puri, a lively woman, enjoys meeting new people, learning from them, and spreading love.

    Ruhani believes that merely delivering information is insufficient for her students. She educates students about the expenses, inventory, billing, fundamental needs, facilities, staff training, and even account administration of venture-backed enterprises. Following the course, she forms a Whatsapp group to give continuous assistance to her students. Makeup artists may display their work there, and Ruhani will answer with comments, suggestions, and changes.


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