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  • The FIFA World Cup: Top Seven Players We Expect to Light Up the Show

    Published on June 27, 2022

    The biggest sporting event for 2022 is Qatar’s FIFA World Cup in November. Every four years since 1930, we witness different countries battle for the most prestigious trophy in sporting history. Billions of fans worldwide follow the event and witness an incredible showdown between top countries.

    Different odds come up based on how the teams perform, and we even see other events such as Nathan’s Famous odds for hot dog eating contests outside the stadiums. The FIFA World Cup is a wonderful tradition that will continue to be the pinnacle of soccer and the global sporting world. 

    As we prepare for another FIFA World Cup, this time in Qatar, we would love to see side shows like hot dog eating contest odds or the Joy Chesnut odds. Aside from that, our focus will be on some superstars, and here are seven of them that we believe would light up the show in Qatar. 

    Lionel Messi

    Of all the superstars that have graced any football pitch, no one comes close to Lionel Messi with the ball at his feet. He can do things effortlessly that many consider impossible, and at 34, what he can do with the ball is mind-blowing.

    Undoubtedly, he is the biggest reason Argentina would have many supporters in the FIFA World Cup as they try to win their third title and Messi’s first. Many fans agree that Messi deserves at least one FIFA World Cup title to cap his illustrious career. 

    Kylian Mbappe

    The biggest youngster in the world of football, Kylian Mbappe, is already a world cup winner, and with his new deal with Paris Saint-Germain, he would want to increase his trophy cabinet. Since 2010, defending champions have had a woeful run, and Mbappe with the French team would love to end that curse.

    Many fans worldwide would want to see this youngster use his blistering pace to beat opponents and help France get as far as possible in the competition. 

    Neymar Junior

    Only a World Cup trophy shy of becoming one of the greatest Brazilian in soccer. He is already the country’s second-highest goal scorer with 74 goals. As it stands, he is only three goals shy of equalling Pele’s goalscoring record.

    Therefore, we expect to see more from the PSG forward as he helps his country get closer to winning their first FIFA World Cup since 2002. Neymar’s skills set him apart; every time he is on the ball, he is a complete joy to watch. 

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    The only player that has been able to rival Messi since 2009. Cristiano Ronaldo might be 37, but he is still waxing strong. His goalscoring abilities are unrivaled, and as the player with the most goals in Men’s football, we expect Ronaldo to produce more goals for Portugal this year.

    He would be the focal point for the Portuguese team, and they would look to him to provide those clutch moments that would help them get closer to their first-ever FIFA WC trophy. So, CR7 is sure one man many fans would love to see.  

    Sadio Mane

    The African superstar that has done it on the biggest stage for his club, Sadio Mane, would be leading Senegal to their second-ever FIFA World Cup competition. The side has shown that they are formidable and can provide some of the best footballing moments. Therefore, many fans would love to see how far they would go.

    With Sadio Mane and his never-ending pressuring runs, we expect to see the team make it as far as possible. They might even become the first African team to make it past the quarter-final stage of the FIFA World Cup. 

    Harry Kane

    England’s skipper, Harry Kane, is still looking for his first senior career trophy. And winning the FIFA World Cup is a great way to break the drought. In 2018, Kane was the star man for the three lions, where he won the golden boot, becoming the first Englishman to win the award since Gary Lineker in the 1986 world cup in Mexico. 

    Therefore, he is one of the top players we would follow from the start of the competition. Leading the team would be a lot of work, but we believe Harry Kane is up to the task. 

    Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard is the leader of the Belgian golden generation, but they have failed to live up to their potential. The team never truly showed their full power or won anything to back up their great squad list. However, Eden Hazard is a different beast. He was a machine in the 2018 world cup, carrying the team to a 3rd place finish.

    Even though the past three years haven’t been good due to recurring injuries, thanks to a successful final surgery, we expect to see Hazard light up the show at full strength at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 


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