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  • The Franklins NFT has understood what makes a good NFT project

    Published on April 12, 2022

    Passive income, gaming, exclusive perks? What makes a good quality NFT project roadmap? The diversity of what is offered to buyers is an important phase in convincing them to keep NFT. The Franklins NFT has understood this by proposing a very well thought-out roadmap, which focuses on several important points and offers a variety of advantages to its buyers.

    First of all, in terms of actions allowing the project to materialize and to be based on the long term, by proposing the realization of art work for cartoons and merchandising for their buyers whose collection is drawn by a famous designer.

    They will also build a DAO system with a focus on governance by consulting the community on their investment strategy.

    Besides that, they will make big investments in the metaverse and will distribute 50% of the profits according to their DAO criteria.

    Finally, the community around the project will be able to enjoy a series of games developed in the sandbox.

    The team behind this project has been around for a long time in the NFT field and has very good skills to build a project.

    According to the experts, this type of roadmap could prove to be a great success for the project and bring a real benefit for its buyers. In a period where it is important to bring real value to its investors, the study of the roadmap must be a crucial point of the analysis of a project for investment.

    We are waiting to see what the project reveals in the coming weeks, being only at its beginning today but we are sure that the team behind the project still has a lot of surprises in store for us regarding the progress of the project


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