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  • The Freakzz collection designed by Game of Thrones artists will revolutionize the market with a Play-and-Earn game accessible to all

    Published on August 18, 2022

    The Freakzz collection has been created by Game of Thrones, Disney & Marvel artists with a clean 3D style. It has caught the attention of many investors as their Twitter account is already followed by more than 30,000 followers.

    The world has witnessed the rise of many businesses and platforms that have disrupted the game of their industries in the last years. The Freakzz NFT collection is no exception, as it  disrupts the video game industry with the development of a Play-And-Earn game accessible to all.

    The video game is not yet launched but their Twitter account is already followed by more than 30 000 followers. What has attracted more attention towards Freakzz is the Game of Thrones, Disney & Marvel digital artists who created the 9,999 NFT collection. Available on the Ethereum blockchain, the series represents aliens, zombies, vampires and ghosts in a 3D style.

    Regarding the idea behind the project, the team says that it can be traced back to their childhood, where three friends from the same neighborhood spent hours playing all the classic games like Zelda, Age of Empires, and League of Legends. Their passion for these games ignited the fire in them to create the Freakzz collection. The promise behind the project is a multiplayer online Play-and-Earn game, where the Freakzz creatures must fight the others and be the last one standing.

    Owning a NFT grants the player access to the full game version, where they are able to stake a sum of money in Stable Coin. The winner then gets the total amount wagered by all other players in the game.

    To know more about the launch of the project, visit their website: freakzz.xyz


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