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The Guardians Real Estate Advisory Celebrates Remarkable Achievement of Rs 262 Crore Revenue on Gudi Padwa

 Mumbai : The Guardians Real Estate Advisory, a leading real estate advisory firm in India, proudly announces a significant milestone of Rs 262 crore revenue achieved on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa. Despite the global challenges and market fluctuations, The Guardians stands as a beacon of stability and growth in the Indian real estate landscape.

This Gudi Padwa, The Guardians created a spectacular business of Rs 262 crore by facilitating an impressive 181 deals, reinforcing its position as an industry leader. Having achieved this success, the firm continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to excellence and service.

“Amidst the turbulence of global economic challenges and recessionary pressures, India’s real estate market stands as a shining example of resilience,” said Saurabh Phull, COO of The Guardians Real Estate Advisory. “Our triumph this Gudi Padwa not only mirrors our own strides but also highlights the robustness of India’s real estate sector. Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge the long-standing traditional Indian belief that purchasing on this auspicious day can usher in prosperity and blessings.”

While many individuals and families celebrated Gudi Padwa, The Guardians Real Estate Advisory not only represented the realisation of aspirations for many but also facilitated significant real estate transactions. The Guardians continue to remain committed to enabling aspirations and defining the future of real estate in India, with a strong emphasis on innovation, customer satisfaction, and community participation.

Looking ahead, The Guardians maintains its commitment to maintaining the greatest levels of honesty, transparency, and client service.

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