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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:26:39
  • Aakash Yadav is the co-founder of the startup incubator, Startup Studio, through which he has invested in more than a hundred businesses that have grown up to prove their potential. Aakash is an IT enthusiast that has been into coding from the age of 15, and now at the age of 25, he has already become the main force behind the running of some of the most innovative startups such as OneTo11, Witly etc. He has successfully been running 35 apps in regions like Europe, US and Middle East.

    Coming onto the topic of the future of startups in India Aakash states, “There has been a dynamic evolution of the Indian startup ecosystem over the last two decades. Startups obviously existed even in the early 2000s but the ecosystem was still immature as investors were very reluctant and selectively active. The now popular incubators and accelerators looked like farfetched idealistic agents. Actively investing in premature but promising ideas is relatively newer. Many startup incubator funds have acted as growth drivers for great ideas which lacked only support and direction. I aim to build the state-of-the-art startup incubator which runs globally, digging out talent from the farthest of regions, and making sure they not only see the light of the day but are executed to the best of human ability. I am working relentlessly to build teams of experts to help champion this idea first in India and then the world over.”.Aakash has now reached new heights by introducing his own portfolio of European wines in India. His brand goes by the beautiful name of ‘Adira’ which stands for strong and noble. It has shown its worth by making a satisfactory profit after being introduced. Not only that, but he is also the sole importer of the Czech Republic’s Whiskey that was launched in India in January. His liquor business ventures have also been booming like his other IT projects.

    Aakash Yadav’s startup studio has been immensely helpful to entrepreneurs by providing them with resources and intelligence apart from investment. In this context, he says, “My vision for a startup incubator is a place where collaborative programs designed to help new startups succeed, where we don’t just claim to help entrepreneurs remotely but actually solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, training, marketing, and even post-launch support.”. With his portfolio of successful businesses he has become one of the most imminent figures, be it in the IT sector or the liquor field. Needless to say, our country needs more adventurous and innovative business heads like Aakash to bring more attention to the potential of entrepreneurship in India.


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