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  • The inspiring journey of a life-changing author – Mark Van Stratum

    Published on November 24, 2021

    ” A decent book may have the capability to alter the way we perceive society but a great book inspired by real-life events appears to be a segment of our everyday consciousness “. They are optimistic and promising for indelible and riveting reading understandings.  It enables readers to live a fictional life that corresponds to real life.

    Mark Van Stratum, a popular author from Lisbon, Portugal expresses his euphoria through his favorite quotation ” if you change your attitude, you will change your results”. Your attitude molds fortune and contentment, when you modify your reflections it alters your world.    

    Who doesn’t love a spine-tingling

    thriller with a romance thrown in. Action and attraction is an indomitable blend, a good author always knows how to deftly balance suspense and romance, tagging between the two to keep the audience in a relentless state of excitement.

    Mark Van Stratum recently published his  2nd book – Alpha seed, beta need. As clarified by Mark all his writings are parallel to true-life events.

    The book is a precise depiction of his romantic love story infused with suspense.

    Mark’s first novel – Drug of Choice became the reader’s choice in 2020, the tale vividly illustrates the life of a drug addict who preferred to ditch his toxic past and initiate a new journey where escape from positivity is impossible.

    ” Writing ” is more troublesome for authors than anyone. After all, they are accountable for everything they write. Mark’s devotion and enthusiasm for writing took him on great rights of success. He is a true inspiration for people who yearn to improve and begin with a new life.