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  • The Kettle Kids – A one-stop shop for all your luxury watch needs

    Published on December 3, 2021

    The brand is fast-growing as the most genuine resellers of luxury watches the world has ever produced.

    Globally, the consumer preference for high-quality, premium watches is on a all-time high as these are being perceived as status symbols, and that’s the major driving force which is putting the luxury watch market on the rise. The interest of consumers in getting hold of these high quality products is increasing by the day, and this has given rise to many players trying their hands in this space. The Kettle Kids being one of them, which has taken over the luxury watch reseller zone in a big way. This UK based brand has been spreading its reach on a global scale with customers ordering their favorite pieces from every nook and corner of the world through their online shop www.thekettlekids.com.

    The company prides itself in catering for the brand conscious millennial generation who are willing to go that extra mile in getting hold of their favorite luxury watch collection that The Kettle Kids showcases right from Rolex to Cartier to Audemars Piguet. The company is based in London and has today taken over this space in a big way. It all began in 2017, when two brothers from South London purchased their favorite piece of Cartier by taking a loan from their grandmother. That was the start of their entrepreneurial journey, and they both steadily marked their way ahead and emerged as the most successful luxury watch resellers in the country.

    What started with selling with Instagram slowly grew into a full-fledged business which is flourishing at present. Today, The Kettle Kids is one of the most renowned names around the watch dealership zone which has taken its popularity on a global platform with clients ordering their favorite pieces from across the continent. It’s 2000 sq. ft shop in Aldgate has the choicest of luxury watches one would have ever seen in their entire lives. It’s 90,000 strong Instagram follower base is enough proof of its growth, with many eminent personalities like footballers to chart topping music artists as their clients.

    To know more, follow The Kettle Kids on Instagram: @the_kettle_kids.