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  • The Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising launches short term courses

    Published on February 27, 2023

    Pune: Considering having an online presence is key to making products and services viral, businesses are using digital marketing tools to accelerate their growth. With an objective to boost the digital learning and training ecosystem the Lexicon Institute of Media and Advertising has launched Six Short Term Courses that deal with the overall as well as the specifics in digital and social media marketing like performance marketing and influencer marketing.

    Each course has been designed to help students to understand monetization opportunities for the different business channels that can give rise to several successful start-ups. This has also opened up opportunities for those skilled in creating content, understanding audience segmentation, automating tasks besides optimising and managing social media campaigns.

    The duration of the courses varies from 1 month to three months and there is no qualification criteria for these courses and these are available for everyone. The specialised courses are Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Performance Marketing, Content Writing, and Influencer Marketing. These courses will provide the students with detailed knowledge and understanding of the concepts, strategies, and tools of digital marketing. The students will be able to develop digital marketing plans, and implement and measure the effectiveness of those plans. They will also be able to analyse digital data, and use it to inform decisions and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

    The Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising also offers a six-month practical course in Short Film Making that allows learners to get through understanding of the basics of film making. Students not only participate in sessions covering the various aspects of film making but also make two-short films (individual and group film) that they can showcase by the end of the course. The short course allows students to experience all aspects of film making – cinematography, sound recording, directing, editing, producing, screenwriting and more in six months thus giving them a head start in choosing their career path in the world of entertainment.

    The Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising aims to provide the learners with the skills and knowledge which can help them grow in their career.


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