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    The LIIT Festival @ Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi & Gurgaon

    Published on November 28, 2014

    LIIT ranges - 1A wise man once said ‘To me the Long Island Iced Tea will always be my favourite drink, it’s like love, but in a tall glass.’ Hard Rock Cafe has always been known for their signature Long Island Iced Teas amongst their other exquisite cocktails. The signature LIIT is an amalgamation of unique spirits such as vodka, gin, rum and a dash of tequila topped with your favourite cola and served as a party starter!

    Hard Rock Cafe brings to you ‘The LIIT festival’, November’s most high spirited binge session with an array of theme nights revolving around fun drinking games, exceptional offers on LIITs and of course some lip smacking scrumptious grub.

    November brings with it an air of festivity and Hard Rock Cafe captures that essence by bringing to you evenings dedicated to some exciting LIIT making sessions with the professional Mixologist to enjoying your favourite Vintage Long Islander Night.

    If you want a piece of a ‘bittersweet’ experience, walk into your nearest Hard Rock Cafe and enjoy exclusive offers on LIITs.  Come drown yourself in a pitcher of some incredible LIITs and make sure you have a night you will never forget.

    So, come celebrate, revel and make merry with us at Hard Rock Cafe.  The good times always begin here!



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