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    The man who fainted at the rally, Prime Minister Modi sent his team of doctors.

    Published on April 3, 2021

    by Bhupen Goswami 

    Guwahati : An election rally at Tamulpur sub-division of Baksa district of Assam fainted during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech that a BJP worker may not be able to get water. As soon as the prime Minister saw him, he directed the medical team of the PMO from the forum to come to the worker. PM Modi told the forum: “This is the PMO’s medical team, just as the worker has suffered some of the scarcity of water. Help them immediately.

    The doctors who have come with me should help the partner, they have suffered some difficulty in the absence of water. Where is the Congress commenting on the incident that the Prime Minister and the BJP have kept this play to win the hearts of the people of Assam. There is no point in believing and relying with the BJP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Assam again and again to mislead the people. And they have started asking for votes by speaking lies.

    The people of Assam broke the BJP’s trust and will give the Congress-led Grand Alliance a chance to form the next government. Earlier, PM Modi said that the NDA’s double engine government has given double benefits to the people of Assam in the last five years. Which is making life easier for women and increasing opportunities for the youth. PM Modi said that on the basis of my political experience, the language of love of the people, the power of blessings of the people, I say that once again in Assam, you have decided to form the NDA government.