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    The Ministry of Home Affairs ordered the state to take action against attacks on northeastern civilians. A citizen of Manipur in Israel was beaten up as a Chinese.

    Published on March 24, 2020

     Bhupen Goswami

    Guwahati: As fear of a coronavirus epidemic in the country, people are letting the frenzy come out in shameful and disgusting ways.At the heart of the outbreak panic, which originated in China, are people from the Northeast who are considered victims of racism and discrimination across the country as Chinese. Northeast among the Corona outbreak (apparently for its Mongolian characteristics) Amid increasing number of cases of racial discrimination against the people of India, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has asked all the states and union territories against such cases of harassment. Have written the letter.The Ministry has come to know that the people of North East are facing persecution after COVID-19 incident in the country. There have been cases where people from North East including athletes and sports persons have been harassed by linking with COVID-19. It is racially discriminatory, inconvenient and painful for them. The MHA further stated that all law enforcement agencies should be informed in every state / UT to take appropriate action in cases of harassment..The notice was signed by RK Pandey, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. On the other hand, a citizen of Manipur in Israel had to fall prey to the rumor of the corona virus. The local youths here treated the Indian citizen as Chinese and beat him up. There is an atmosphere of fear all over the world because of the corona virus. Everyone is trying to protect themselves. Since this virus originated in China, many people are blaming China for spreading the virus.Corona started fighting with him shouting slogans. Shalem Shindason, a native of Manipur, India, was beaten up by two Israelis who considered him Chinese. The Israelis considered Shalem a Chinese citizen and began to tease him by calling him Corona-Corona. Shalem Shindason is part of the Banai Menashe community of Manipur and has lived in Israel since 2017. Police has registered a case in this matter.Shalem said in his statement to the police that I told both that he is not a Chinese but a Jew, but both did not listen to him. The perpetrators have not been arrested yet.