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  • Deserts have something unique about them, and they have a very earthy beauty that touches the soul. If big sand dunes, mirages, and colorful desert life attract or you have never experienced, then thrilling desert safari Dubai is for you. The cosmopolitan city of Middle-East Asia offers an unforgettable experience in the middle of the Arabian desert that attracts thousands of travelers from across the globe every year.

    As the summer arrives, the off-season for the Desert Safari Dubai begins. The scorching heat makes it impossible to visit the desert during the daytime, but this is the time you can enjoy the most due to the lack of crowd and easy booking availability. The chances are you will get a good discount too. The evenings in the desert are cool, pleasant, and beautiful during summers. This is the time you can enjoy dune bashing silent long camel rides and quad biking and an enjoyable night cool night in the desert.

    Early Evening in the Desert: The sand becomes cool as the evening sets in. This is the best time to enjoy dune bashing. You can opt for an evening or overnight safari with Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai. They are one of the renowned travel operators in Dubai who provide the best services for Desert Safari Dubai. Their safe and comfortable vehicle will pick you up from the hotel. It will stop at various beautiful locations before reaching the safari point. When the sun is setting down slowly in the West, the desert’s beauty is at its peak. The locations where the vehicle stops are breathtakingly beautiful. You would never like to leave the first until you reach the next beautiful spot, realizing that the next one is also equally beautiful. 

    Dune Bashing: The energy is at the next level as you reach the dune bashing point. All you hear, read, or view about the adventure will come alive. As the vehicle picks up speed, you will feel butterflies in the stomach. The speeding Landcruiser goes up and down the dunes dashing and scattering the sand in the air. The fellow travelers will join you in the screams of thrill and excitement. The 20-30 minutes dune bashing will give you the experience of a never-ending roller coaster. It will shake each and every inch of your bones and nerves, and you will wish that it never ends. The vehicle will drop you at the campsite as the dune bashing ends.

    Bedouin Camp: Bedouin is a nomad tribe of desert that has inherited beautiful desert culture for centuries. The safari campsite is inspired by the Bedouin lifestyle, where you will see authentic glimpses and insight into their way of living. You will be welcomed with refreshing drinks and dates. Interiors are beautiful and relaxing with low-lying furniture. You can relax for a few moments before hopping into new excitement.

    Quad Biking: The quad biking on the dunes outside the camp is fun of the next level. If you know how to ride, you can ride with an assistant along with you or alone as well. Move up and down the dunes at your own speed and enjoy the splashing sand on your face. If you are not a child, it will take you back to the enjoyment of childhood.

    Camel Riding: Camel riding in the desert has its own pleasure. The long relaxing slow-paced camel ride with sunset view is a magical experience. Feel how Bedouins would travel with their families in the desert on these ships of the desert. Feel the breeze which is slowly cooling down as the sun is ready to disappear behind the dunes.

    Sand Boarding: If you have ever done skateboarding, you know how exciting it is. And even if you have not still, you can try sandboarding. Balancing on the sandboard while sliding down the dunes is really exciting. It has a positive side that you will not be injured even if you slip or fall down.

    Entertainment activities:

    As the sun sets, the campsite is ready to welcome you to the next level of entertainment. Beautiful belly dancers are prepared in their beautiful dancing costumes. Their performance will mesmerize you, and you will feel amazed by their movements’ finesse. Equally captivating is Tanura’s dance performance. Tanura is a folk dance performed by male dancers on Sufi songs. Their costume is a colorful flared skirt and shirt. They look magical in their well-crafted spins. There are fire shows and henna art artisans as well to make the evening more colorful. The evening is so pleasant and relaxing that you will forget everything about your city life for a few moments.

    BBQ Dinner: The Desert safari BBQ dinner is an out-of-the-world experience. After a tiring day, enjoy the delicious 5-start like dinner in the midst of the desert. If that sounds exciting, there is more to it, and there are numerous live counters by expert chefs. The dinner is served under the open sky where you can enjoy it peacefully with your family and friends.

    After dinner, the vehicle will drop you back at the hotel if you have opted for an evening safari. If you are out for an overnight safari, you will stay in beautifully decorated tents and, in the morning, experience the beautiful sunrise in the desert and then head back to the hotel.


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