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  • An exhibition of art & sculptures dedicated to Lord Krishna

    Celebrating India’s rich art heritage, Indianshelf, one of India’s leading online platform that specializes in art & home décor products presents ‘The Mystical Krishna’ – an exhibition celebrating Lord Krishna through India’s diverse art forms. The exhibition opens on Friday, 21st January and will be on view until 5th February at www.indianshelf.in

    The life of Krishna and his teachings have had a profound influence on the minds of people as well as the artists. The legend of Lord Krishna’s life, his triumph over enemies and his leelas has always captivated people across generations. The present exhibition is centered on Lord Krishna, his life and his interpretation through different art forms. The exhibition brings together diverse Indian art forms – Pichwai, Kishangarh, Tanjore, miniature art and metal sculptures through the works of talented artists & sculptors.

    Krishna mysticism lead innumerable art lovers to paint Krishna with all His charm and grace in different hues and forms. For this exhibition, artists from many genres have used varied colors and mediums to paint life like paintings of Krishna.

    There are vibrant paintings in the exhibition that depict life of lord Krishna and important events. For example, the vintage painting of Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan Parvat on his finger to protect the villagers from heavy rains and thunderstorm is shown beautifully using lovely vibrant colors. In another painting, Baal Krishna is being carried across the Yamuna by Vasudev Ji on Janamashtami, shortly after his birth while the thousand headed snake, Anantha or Sheshnaga, extending its hood over them like an umbrella to give them shelter from the heavy rains. There are various other paintings in this genre like Baal Krishna as makhanchor, Shri Krishna playing flute with Kamdhenu on his side, Lord krishna enjoying Holi with his gopis etc.

    The exhibition also has Pichhwai art which is a traditional Indian art having its origins in Rajasthan. Pichwai art features intricate paintings portraying Lord Krishna (Shrinath ji) on cotton fabric using natural colours. There is a massive vintage Pichwai painting illustrating the Nathdwara Lord Krishna along with Gopis, Yamunaji, Gosaiji and the Devs. The painting beautifully depicts Lord Krishna’s Arti and Rasleela. There is another beautiful pichwai where the central part depicts Lord ShrinathJi being worshipped and celebrated by his devotees along with cows in the front. On the borders, devotees are shown celebrating with dancing and playing musical instruments.

    A good collection of Tanjore paintings has also been added to the exhibition. From a spectacular gold finish handmade Tanjore painting of young Lord Krishna in the act of eating butter to painting of Lord Krishna along with Rukmani and Bama there are spectacular paintings. Tanjore art is known for its rich, flat and vivid colour sand iconic composition.

    The exhibition also has some beautiful, handmade copper & brass sculptures dedicated that to the mystical god.  Dancing Krishna sculpture, Copper statue of Lord Krishna dancing on Kaliya, a beautiful copper statue of Lord Krishna with his two wives with Rukmani and Satyabhama – all of this has been added to the exhibition. The highlight is a visually captivating brass idol of Lord Krishna and Arjuna riding on a brass chariot made with age-old casting technique.

    Krishangarh paintings that are a fusion of mughal and regional style paintings have also been added. There are a few depicting the unconditional love of Radha and Krishna. There is also a handmade painting where Jamunaji is seen welcoming Lord Krishna.

    “Lord Krishna has always inspired & motivated artists across genres to capture his form in diverse art forms. India is the land of immense creativity and diverse art forms and in every art form one can find a glimpse of Lord Krishna. The exhibition is an attempt to celebrate Lord Krishna through art and also promote Indian art & sculptors” says curator Arushi Gupta, Indianshelf


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