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  • The Myth of the Corona vaccine!

    Published on July 16, 2020

    By: Mr. Kamayani Naresh, Founder of Zyropathy


    Entire world is trying to find the vaccine for Corona Virus because it is the only way that can save the honor of the modern medicine system. Corona has caused havoc all over the world but in last 9 months the modern medicine system has not been able to find any solution to either contain or eradicate Corona Virus. What exactly is a vaccine and how does it provide protection to our body and how can it is effective in the treatment of corona? Who will benefit from vaccine?


    In simple lay man’s language vaccine informs the body about the incoming problem in advance, so that the immunity can take immediate action when trouble strikes. A small amount of virus or bacteria is injected in the human body through the vaccine in controlled manner. This virus or the bacteria is the same from which the body needs to be protected. As soon as bacteria or virus is induced in the body, immune system makes the appropriate antibodies and kills the virus or bacteria which entered the body. Thus immunity registers the antibody required to kill the said bacteria or virus and produces same antibodies without delay. Therefore, it needs to be understood that a vaccine will be required for every bacteria or virus from which body is to be safe guarded. Secondly, it must be kept in mind that a strong immune system is very important in order to have an appropriate and adequate antibody production.


    Corona Virus is not a single virus but its a family of viruses and 7 types(www.webmd.com) of corona viruses have been found in India so far. This means that if a person wants to be safe form the corona virus then he must have seven vaccines. Is it possible in a country with a huge population like India?


    It needs to be understood that vaccine is useful only for those who have not been infected till then. Vaccine is not useful for persons who are already infected. Most of the people have n understanding that as soon s the vaccine is launched they will be out of Corona is not correct.


    Currently, not a single vaccine has been made and commercial production of any vaccine takes at least two years. So when, where and how many people will the vaccine provide protection, one can make their own guesses. In conclusion we can say that by understanding the reality of the corona vaccine, one will have to make their own arrangements to protect their life from the corona.


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