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  • The new Board Sustainability Committee is leading Lindström to a sustainable future.

    Published on October 13, 2023

     Lindström has established a new Board Sustainability Committee to strengthen its Board of Directors’ engagement with sustainability topics. Its primary focus is to ensure that our company is making socially and environmentally responsible decisions while proactively preparing for compliance with evolving regulations. Its role extends to overseeing the successful implementation of the sustainability strategy and proposing adjustments when necessary.

    The chairman of the Board of Directors, Harri-Pekka Kaukonen emphasises the significance of this move: “Sustainability is at the core of Lindström’s values, ways of working and strategy. Through the establishment of this committee, the Board aims to support management in developing a strategic perspective around sustainability and address the business opportunities and risks associated with sustainability-related matters. Moreover, it reinforces our commitment to compliance, particularly in view of the upcoming changes in the regulatory environment.”

    Kati Pallasaho, the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Sustainability, who, together with the Board, initiated the addition to the corporate governance structure, shares why ESG issues are climbing higher on the agenda of the Board of Directors “One of the key competitive advantages of Lindström’s circular business model is sustainability. Our goals for textile recycling, closed-loop solutions, and emissions reduction are ambitious and we know that further development of our competitive advantage increasingly demands sustainability. Furthermore, expectations from our stakeholders on various social, environmental, and governance matters are increasing and the regulation of these matters, especially within the European Union, is changing fast.” 

    By establishing the committee, Lindström ensures that the board will devote more time for the strategic reflection for sustainability – taking a long-term perspective and delving deeper into the sustainability impacts, opportunities and requirements for transparency and accountability.

    It will support management in identifying and capturing strategic opportunities in the area of sustainability, and collaborate closely with management to create a sustainability strategy that secures long-term competitiveness and promotes innovation. It will also assist management in overseeing regulation and ensuring compliance across all our regions.

    The committee’s members were selected for their expertise and experience in sustainability, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives. In addition to Kati Pallasaho, the committee consists of Lindström Board of Directors members Gavin Adda, Petteri Kousa and Eva Nedelkova. They will meet six times a year in accordance with a schedule aligned with the meetings of the Board of Directors.

    Eva Nedelkova, who serves as the committee’s chair, emphasises the committee’s aim to create added value for Lindström’s customers: “Our primary aim is to further strengthen Lindström’s long-embedded sustainability stewardship into future innovations that serve our customers and help them in their decarbonisation journey. Naturally, preparing ourselves for the upcoming regulation will also be high on our agenda as it will have an impact on many areas.”


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