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The Number of Blockchain Wallet Users Jumped by 13 Million YTD

As the global crypto market continues its explosive growth, with some digital coins reaching record valuation, more and more investors are entering the crypto community.

According to data presented by StockApps.com, the number of Blockchain wallet users jumped by 13 million year-to-date, reaching a total of 76.4 million last week.

User Growth Surged by 47%YTD

Blockchain wallet is one of the easiest ways to send, receive, buy, store and swap cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Stellar. Statistics show the number of people using this crypto wallet has been rapidly growing over the years.

In 2016, there were nearly 11 million blockchain wallets worldwide, revealed the Statista and Blockchain data. By the end of the next year, the number of their users almost doubled to 21.5 million.

Statistics show that in 2018, another 10.5 million people started using the Blockchain wallet, still much less compared to the user growth seen in the next two years. By the end of 2019, the total number of Blockchain wallet users hit 44.6 million, a massive 12.7 million increase in a year. Still, that was 30% less than in 2020, which saw 18.8 million new users and their total number rising to 63.4 million.

The Blockchain data revealed the strong rising trend continued over the last nine months, with 13 million investors joining the crypto space, showing an impressive 47% YTD growth compared to 8.8 million new users in the same period a year ago.

Daily Transaction Value hit an All-Time High of $14.6B in May

Although the Blockchain.com cryptocurrency exchange has a limited selection of cryptos, the platform offers unique features that larger exchanges don’t have. That is why, besides the impressive user base growth, the total number of transactions on the exchange jumped by 18% YoY to $668 billion.

Statistics also show the daily transaction value on the platform hit an all-time high this year. In the first three months of 2021, this figure floated between $7bn and $9bn. However, on May 19th, it hit a record $14.6bn, the highest value to date.

On the other hand, the daily number of confirmed transactions on the Blockchain.com cryptocurrency exchange has decreased over the last few months. In the first week of September, it amounted to around 269,000, showing an 18% drop year-over-year.

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