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    The path to becoming a chef – Culinary Schools in India

    Published on September 14, 2021

    Culinary Schools are a good way to learn the art and craft of cooking for all those people who want to step into the professional world of cooking. The training provided in such schools provides you with all the culinary tips and tricks and prepares you to survive in the competitive world of cooking. Cooking is such a field that only the best ones survive in this industry. These schools, by using the blended method of theoretical and practical teaching, help you to face challenges in the industry and provide you with the required skill-set to start your own business venture.

    Running a restaurant of your own is not a cakewalk: one needs to take care of many aspects like menu planning, staff management, food management etc. But, with such professional training you get the required knowledge and skill to start your catering business.

    Here are 5 institutes that provide baking culinary courses for those who aspire to become world-class chefs:

        Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

    Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts provides Advance Diploma Programs as well as certificate courses for those interested in having a career as a chef. They provide hands-on training to the students and ensure that they practice everything they have learnt during the course duration. On the completion of the diploma course, students get to visit their Malaysia centre for two weeks and also get a chance to grab international internship opportunities. The internships they provide in India are also in top hotels and restaurants that help you groom your skills in cooking. .

        The Culinary College of Hotel Management

    The Culinary College of Hotel Management has been offering hotel related training to youth for the last 18 years. They provide high quality training to ensure that their program participants become high-level qualified professionals. The college provides various courses like culinary, baking and bartending. They provide their students with paid internship opportunities in India as well as abroad in luxurious hotels which gives students great exposure in the field of hotel management.

        International Institute of Culinary Arts

    The programs offered by this institute are globally recognized programs that have a great impact on your professional pursuits and aspirations as a chef in the world of cooking. This institute provides 3 courses: Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts (2 years), Diploma in Professional Patisserie & Confectionery (18 months), and Diploma in Bakery Patisserie (1 year). The courses are a perfect blend of practical and theoretical classes throughout the year. They teach you all aspects of cooking global cuisine, Indian cuisine and bakery and patisserie.

        Indian school of Hospitality

    The course provided by the Indian School of Hospitality is in collaboration with At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, singapore. This program is suitable for those who are aspiring to have a career in culinary arts. It is suitable for both standalone restaurants as well as hotels, setting up their own food business, or even for those who want to become food stylists, nutritionists or chef consultants.

        Sanjeev Kapoor Academy

    This school started by the renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor teaches you all the culinary tips and tricks on how to cook scrumptious and lip smacking dishes. Plant based recipes, as well as normal recipes, are taught by Sanjeev Kapoor in this academy. This is an online academy that helps people rediscover their love for cooking. The academy is all geared up to launch more cooking courses for aspiring chefs.