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  • The Perfect Smile: Redefining Dental Care with Fortino Dental centre

    Published on September 9, 2021

    New Delhi : Good Teeth do not have to be a miracle of genetics alone anymore! Fortino Dental which is a unit of the Fortino HealthCare Pvt Ltd is located in the posh locality of Kailash Colony. The centre aims to create a holistic dental experience for all your needs. Dental care is an important part of healthcare that affects people’s social life as well as personal happiness. Fortino Dental helps you invest in your personal and professional future through its personalized dental healthcare program.

    Fortino Dental offers a wide range of sophisticated procedures such as general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, crown and bridge procedures, veneers, dental implants, orthodontics, and oral surgery. At the centre, we aim to create a patient-centered experience that is satisfying. The centre follows the four-step sterilization protocol to ensure the safety of patients and general hygiene. The carefully observed sterilization process helps to prevent disease transmission and potential health risks.

    Dental procedures are not only medically necessary but also serve an aesthetic function to help you meet the social expectations. An aesthetically perfect smile can inspire confidence and impress people easily. If you work in a patient-oriented job, a pleasing smile can change the experience of your customers. Cosmetic dental procedures can help you achieve the perfect smile for social media and boost your self-esteem. Fortino Dental provides professional medical care for teeth so that you do not have to suffer needlessly.

    Dental visits can be an anxiety-inducing idea for people simply due to the perception that has been built by the media. The doctors at Fortino Dental centre understand the importance of creating a relaxing and stress-free environment for the patients which is conducive to personalized dental experience. The doctors are professionally trained to perform first-class dental procedures that meet the needs of the patients, and accommodate their preferences. Individual dental care plans can be created through consultation with the doctors so that they are able to map out a program of dental procedures that will suit the patient’s lifestyle. The centre uses the latest technology for dental procedures that ensure best quality treatment for the patients.

    Mrs Nisha Sharma, the managing director of Fortino HealthCare Pvt Ltd, promotes the core philosophy of putting patients at the center of the dental experience. Mrs Nisha Sharma’s guiding vision for the company is: “We intend to emphasize on the patient’s needs and create a personalized authentic and relaxing experience. Our focus is not only on the dental procedures, but also on adding to the patient’s wellness through a positive environment. Fortino HealthCare Pvt Ltd intends to enhance the value-based services in healthcare in the future through expansion. ” Fortino Dental’s promise is to deliver the best quality dental care that meets every individual’s needs.


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