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  • The Rayna Group – Crafting Innovative Global Travel Each Day

    Published on May 18, 2018

    You’ve seen this time and again  – people tend to focus so much on packing, transportation, flights and hotel booking that they forget the most important part – the ‘what to do when we get to the destination’ part. And then starts the mad rush to book tours; they talk to the hotel concierge, get recommendations and do last-minute bookings without studying all options beforehand. Needless to say, not all their experiences turn out to be fruitful. This is what happens with the majority of unplanned travel. Rayna Tours observed this tendency and in 2006, they decided to do something about it. That was when and how the company that we now know as the Rayna Group began its journey.

    The Promise of Worry-Free Travel

    Manoj Tulsani and Kamlesh Ramchandani, the founders of Rayna Tours, felt that when there’s that sterling assurance of a properly-planned tour awaits you at the end of travel, your travel becomes so much more gratifying. Being transported to different major tour spots at the destination by a professional organization leaves the tourist worry-free and happy. There’s the assurance of professional expertise of being able to handle any situation that might crop up. This collaborative idea served as the base for the success of Rayna Group as a whole.

    It Began As a Humble Travel Outlet

    The interesting aspect of this partnership between Manoj and Kamlesh is that neither individual had any prior experience in the service industry when they started Rayna Tours. So Rayna Tours saw a very humble beginning as a small travel outlet situated within Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel. There were several financial struggles initially and some major business impediments, but Rayna managed to win the trust and love of its customers via its diligent, caring and sincere efforts.

    From A Fledging Travel Outlet to a Professional DMC

    It’s only been a few years since Rayna Tours was but a tiny tour outlet in a hotel. However, today, Rayna is a full-fledged Destination Management Company (DMC), providing innovative solutions to the ‘what do I do with my time’ dilemma at various destinations.

    Manoj and Kamlesh quickly established several powerful strategies which highlighted both the quality and affordability of their offerings. They decided that since customer was king, everything should be planned and organized from the customers’ perspective. By doing this, both founders ensured distinct and unique offers when compared to the rest of the travel industry.

    It’s been about five years since then, and Rayna Tours has put in place a very user-friendly online tour booking system that their clients appreciate. Clients can book tours easily and customize or combine tours as they want, apart from making hotel reservations globally.

    Seamless Expansion and Diversification

    • Rayna Tours also created a full-fledged B2B platform, www.raynab2b.com to specifically recruit thousands of travel agents, tour operators, tour companies and suppliers into its ever-expanding network.
    • Rayna Tours also has an exclusive travel app which offers the most advantageous offers on the go.
    • Rayna Tours has come a long way since its inception. Today, this DMC is the popular choice with thousands of individuals and businesses around the world.
    • Rayna Tours has 75 outlets across the UAE and is setting up several more around the world on its global expansion spree.
    • In just the years 2016 and 2017, Rayna Tours incepted new outlets in five new locations. Now there’s a Rayna Tours office in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, and South Africa.
    • If that’s not enough, Rayna Tours has also successfully diversified its business into other areas, namely transport, real estate and construction.

    Still Counting the Successes…..

    The Rayna Group started its journey from a very humble beginning; today it is ahead of the curve, having become an integral part of Dubai’s travel industry. The company has won many prestigious awards including the Top Wholesaler Award from Yas Island. Rayna continues to evolve, crafting innovative travel programs and promising the average tourist something special to look forward to each time. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get on a plane now! We’re waiting to show you some true marvels. Join Team Rayna and taste what the world offers!

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