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  • The Return Of Football: Normalcy Is Still A Distant Reality

    Published on September 9, 2020

    The last couple of weeks has been ecstatic for football fans. The return of Premier League after the unprecedented halt, no thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, saw Liverpool take home the cup after beating Chelsea.

    Sports may be resuming but the question remains; will there ever be a return to normalcy?


    Before the pandemic disrupted everyday life, football games were adrenaline-filled and thousands flocked arenas anticipating thrilling matches. Fans traveled from around the world to see their favorite teams in play. Those that could not, made use of their technological devices to enjoy live games.

    All this changed in the glimpse of an eye.

    Before we internalized the seriousness of the matter, sports were no more. We were confined into our homes, online casino gaming baccarat being our main source of entertainment; one of the only things that gave us an adrenaline rush close to that witnessed during live football games.

    It was indeed a rough couple of months for sport fanatics. The news of a return of sports was good news to teams and fans alike.

    However, it was not what everyone expected.

    Football is back; But with unprecedented twists

    The return of football was greeted with excitement, but it was not supposed to happen the way it did.

    It is not a secret. With all the measures various governments put in place, we expected the infection curve to have gone down by mid-year. Unfortunately, infections are only increasing and health concerns arising. We have heard of various players and coaches, as is the case with Arteta – Arsenal Coach, contracting the deadly flu.

    With the much-awaited Champions League, football federations are in search of protocols that will allow fans to cheer on their beloved teams in actual football arenas.

    Due to the risk factor involved, currently, this is more of a dream than a reality. Even if strategies to mitigate the spread were enforced, would people show up?

    We are all afraid of the deadly flu, and attending concerts and football games where a multitude of people are present is an unwelcomed idea. To get back where we used to be, the curve needs to flatten, with a decreasing number of new infections. And with the current trends, this is not happening anytime soon.

    So, what’s the future of sports?

    Sports have indeed taken a drastic turn from the way things worked, not just football. Both players and coaches are yet to get used to the new normal.

    In a bid to curb the spread, below are some of the measures clubs are taking.

    • Players can no longer share water bottles. Additionally, every player should use their own towels.
    • Post celebrations are low regulated. Football players are no longer allowed to engage in post-match group celebrations. The ban touches on things like post-match meals.
    • Players have been urged to wash their hands as often as possible and not for less than 20 minutes.
    • Any player showing signs of flu or any respiratory infections is to leave training grounds as soon as possible and self-isolate.
    • When outside training grounds  any player showing signs of respiratory illnesses should avoid contact with teammates.

    All in all, this is a trying time for the football fraternity. All we can do is hope and pray for a return to normalcy.