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  • The Science Behind Lycra: How This Fabric Keeps You Cool in the Heat

    Published on May 21, 2024

    The summer heat raises and so does the need for the good clothing to be cool and comfortable. Lyrca is a fabric that has been praised for its skill of controlling the body temperature. This non-natural material, that is also called spandex or elastane, has changed the world of active and leisurewear, by giving it the breathability, flexibility and moisture-wicking properties that make it the best material for the hot weather conditions.

    • The Molecular Composition of Lycra

    To understand the function of Lycra which keeps you cool, you have to look at its molecular structure. Lyrca is a long polymer chain synthetic material that is composed of polyurethane. The special fabric structure allows the fabric to stretch and go back to its original form, thereby the wearer gets the extraordinary flexibility and freedom of movement.

    The explanation for Lycra being cool is that it is porous. The fabric’s structure is made up of small channels that are responsible for the air to go through them which thus in turn causes the body to lose heat. This air permeability, along with Lycra’s moisture-wicking properties, ensures that the sweat is quickly and totally removed from the skin, evaporating in no time and leaving you feeling refreshed and dry.

    • Moisture Management and Breathability

    One of the most prominent advantages of Lycra is its ability to control moisture. The body automatically sweats in physical activity and hot and humid conditions which is a cooling mechanism. Lycra’s hydrophobic (water-repelling) nature does not let the sweat to be absorbed, hence the moisture can evaporate faster.

    Also, the breathability of Lycra is the most important aspect in having a cool feeling. The open structure of the fabric makes it possible to have the air freely circulating, and thus, the air is constantly exchanged between the body and the environment. The airflow that is created by the movement of the air in a room helps in the regulation of the body temperature through the spread of the excess heat and moisture, and thus a comfortable microclimate is formed around the skin.

    • Chiffon Fabric and Lycra: A mix that is both safe and an ideal for development.

    Lycra is a perfect option for athletic clothing and clothes that are form-fitting, but it can also be used for lightweight summer clothes such as chiffon. Chiffon fabric is very thin, lightweight, and fluffy which is quite good for the hot and humid climates. The Lycra makes the garment stretch and the retention of the shape occurs which in turn the comfort and the freedom of movement increases.

    The blended chiffon and Lycra fabric mixes the characteristics of chiffon and Lycra to form a unique fabric that has the ethereal elegance of chiffon and the moisture-wicking, breathable properties of Lycra. Thus, if you combine comfort and fashion, the result is always clothes that are not only fashionable but also keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

    • Lightweight and Quick-Drying

    The main feature of Lycra is its lightness. Lycra or Lycra blends clothes are usually light, hence the total weight and bulk of the clothing is reduced. This lightness results in better air circulation and it makes one to feel less heavy thus preventing the person from overheating and discomfort.

    • UV Protection and Skin Safety

    Even though, keeping cool is the most important thing during the hot weather, protection of your skin from the harmful UV rays is also a must. Lycra fabric material can be designed to have UV-blocking properties, thus, giving an extra layer of protection to the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

    Through the use of UV-resistant treatments or the mixing of Lycra with UV-blocking fibres, manufacturers can manufacture garments that have a built-in sun protection. This aspect is especially useful for outdoor activities or prolonged sunlight exposure, which means you can keep cool and at the same time, be protected from UV rays.

    • Versatility and Durability

    Lycra’s versatility is not only related to its cooling properties but also to other aspects. Its outstanding elasticity and recovery rate is the reason why it is used in many fields like swimwear, sportswear, shapewear and lingerie. The fabric’s durability and resistance to pilling, fading, and shrinking guarantee that clothes stay in good shape and look the same after many wears and washes.


    The science of keeping you cool in the heat through Lycra is based on its special molecular structure, moisture-wicking, and breathability. This synthetic fabric has changed the world of active and leisurewear, giving unmatched comfort and performance in the most difficult conditions.

    With more and more people demanding functional and eco-friendly clothing, brands like TradeUNO are at the forefront of the trend of using innovative materials like Lycra in their summer collections. TradeUNO’s unconditional service to the use of premium, eco-friendly fabrics guarantees that their customers can have the best in comfort and style while they are still cool and fresh during the hottest months of the year.


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