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The Switch Fix disrupts skincare space; launches ‘Bakuchi Gang Replenishing Face Moisturiser,’ a much-needed product for stronger skin barrier

~The brand’s newest face moisturiser proves to be a need-of-the-hour innovation for fortifying your skin barrier against new age and environmental stressors~

The Switch Fix (TSF), the country’s leading clean and conscious personal care brand, has recently launched its brand new product, ‘Bakuchi Gang Replenishing Face Moisturiser.’ Made from bakuchi extract, a locally-sourced active ingredient, the one-of-a-kind product helps heal and shield oily or acne-prone skin from environmental and modern-day stressors and is TSF’s latest addition to its wide-ranging skincare essentials.

Extreme weather conditions caused by climate change and other environmental stressors tend to weaken our skin’s natural protective barrier. While this has resulted in several personal care products depending on more active ingredients to produce results, they generally lack specialisation. As a consequence, consumers are often forced to use products that are not ideal for their skin type or concern. TSF’s ‘Bakuchi Gang Replenishing Face Moisturiser,’ rich in bakuchiol, helps fortify oil and acne-prone skin’s barrier against these environmental and new-age stressors.

Talking about its launch, Abhishek Kumar – Co-founder, The Switch Fix, said, “A weakened skin barrier can cause premature ageing and loss of hydration. However, most products in the market consist of retinol—meant for those with more visible signs of ageing. Guided by these concerns, TSF aimed to build a product with ingredients that can strengthen and repair our skin barriers while being more inclusive compared to retinol. That’s when we discovered bakuchi as our hero ingredient. In an era of actives and ambiguity, bakuchi helps safely and effectively curb premature ageing and fortify the skin barrier. Moreover, since it is locally sourced, it’s also a sustainable choice, enabling us to stay committed to clean, conscious and effective beauty!”

By incorporating bakuchi, TSF’s ‘Bakuchi Gang Replenishing Face Moisturiser’ is a safe, effective and locally-sourced alternative for those seeking the benefits of retinol. The product –

Furthermore, due to its light gel-like creamy texture, this moisturiser is non-comedogenic, non-greasy and quick-absorbing, making it an absolute delight for all our friends with oily skin!

As a personal care brand, TSF has always strived to help its audience balance self-care with planet care without compromising on quality. The Bakuchi Gang Replenishing Face Moisturiser is the latest product that allows its consumers to do exactly that, thereby setting a benchmark for sustainability.

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