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  • The terrible truth: Located on the border between India and Myanmar

    Published on September 23, 2021

    by Bhupen Goswami

    GUWAHATI : The world is full of many mysteries. As advanced as science and technology, sometimes even scientists in the world are confused. Today, the mystery of one such terrible true lake has come to light in the North-East, which has always confused people and scientists. In many places, aliens are considered mysterious because of many ghosts. In India also, a similar lake does not come back from where someone goes. Even scientists have not been able to ascertain the mystery of this lake till date.

    The mystery of the lake has not been found to be a scientific distinction so far. Now many of the world’s sciences are confused about this lake. According to scientific reports, senior citizens and locals say the lake is considered number one of the world’s most dangerous lakes. The lake is located on the border between India and Myanmar. This lake boasts of some mysterious events in itself. Many mysterious stories have emerged about this lake.This lake is known as ‘Lake of No Return’.

    It is also known as Nawang Yang Lake. It is in Arunachal Pradesh. During World War II, the pilots of the US aircraft reportedly made an emergency landing, thinking it was flat land, but the ship mysteriously went missing, including pilots. Another mystery is linked to the lake. Japanese soldiers are said to have forgotten the way near the lake and then went missing when the Japanese soldiers were returning after the war ended. But some believe that the soldiers had malaria, which led to the death of all. However, it is yet to be ascertained what the truth is. Another story is associated with Lake of No Return Lake. Locals tell about another mystery of this lake. People nearby say that many years ago a man from the village had caught a big fish and had feasted on the entire village. However, a grandmother and her granddaughter were not invited to the feast.Angered by this, the man guarding the lake asked her grandmother and granddaughter to move away from the village. The next day, the entire village of Pura was submerged in the lake.

    Scientists have made several attempts to solve the mystery of the lake, but they are yet to succeed. To this day, it remains a mystery as to where the one who goes here finally goes. Though all efforts have been made to find out the mystery of the lake, the failure has been there so far. If you’ve ever visited this lake, you can share your story with us. There are many mysterious lakes in India which are specially characterized. There is one such lake which remains the centre of attraction due to its mysterious events.