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  • The Truth About Rondevo: How Safe Is It for Finding Love Online?

    Published on February 21, 2024

    Imagine sitting in your cozy apartment somewhere in New York and chatting with a person in Rome. This is what you can get with Rondevo – a place where you can find people ready to make new acquaintances and learn about other cultures and places of the world.

    Rondevo is a dating platform that offers you a chance to find your perfect person irrespective of distance. However, like with every other dating platform, you might wonder whether the platform is as safe as it may seem. Here, we will try to help you uncover this curtain and answer the question: Is Rondevo safe? So, let’s start!

    The Core Features of Rondevo

    According to Rondevo reviews, different people tend to like different things about this platform. We will discuss what Rondevo features are the most likable and why.

    Chat. Chat is the most common way to communicate in Rondevo as it allows you to have a quick way of talking with a person you like. One nice feature is that when you just start a chat and feel like you lost all the words, you have a help – a list of pre-made intro messages.

    Newsfeed. With the help of the newsfeed, you can watch posts with photos of content creators, find people with shared interests and eventually start a conversation.

    Send media. Share the media files right in the chat with this feature. It is beneficial when you want to share images quickly.

    Safety Measures: How Rondevo Protects Its Users

    Regarding security measures, the platform has several ways to protect its users from suspicious behavior. Here are some of these ways.

    AI. It is an automated way of identifying potential unwanted behavior or accounts and eliminating them for a better user experience.

    Moderation team. To help the AI, they also have a moderation team that helps with the requests from users who already experienced interactions with fake accounts.

    Account verification. When a content creator decides to use a Rondevo login to create an account to verify the user’s identity, the platform requires the users to send a confirmation video of themselves as proof.

    All these measures are paying off, as the number of those who continue using the online chatting platform after sending the request to the moderation team is visibly higher than that of other platforms (87%).

    Customer Support on Rondevo

    Customer support is another thing that other users praise. The company has 24/7 customer service ready to help those who send requests to them.

    If the user notices some suspicious behavior from other accounts, there is a feature that allows them to report the account to avoid unwanted interactions.

    Final Thoughts

    To sum up, Rondevo is a pretty popular platform with many features available for its users and high-quality security, ready to protect from suspicious accounts and unwanted communication. So, if you decide to try out an online chatting platform, Rondevo is here for you.

    This article is sponsored by Rondevo. Please note that this article is not professional advice and shouldn’t be used to treat any conditions.


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