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  • Saturday, April, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:47:16
  • Mukti Gautam is a self-coach, a Youth sensation, a fitness freak, an entrepreneur, and an environmentalist at heart. Hailing from the small Village of Solan, Himachal Pradesh, it was her journey where she didn’t let anyone hover over her, and pushed herself out to the limits, so much so, that now she has garnered over 310K followers on her Instagram channel @muktigautam, and has a massive following of 1.8 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

    Asking about her journey as a sports enthusiast and an environmentalist who tried YouTube, Mukti says that everyone seemed fascinated with her weight loss journey and her healthy diet. She wanted herself to come across as many people as possible, and hence fathomed the idea of social media. Finding dime a dozen worthless channels, Mukti wanted to initiate something substantial and educative, and though she was keeping herself as an environmentalist, she started her Internet venture. Maintaining the passion and profession at hand was panickily tiring, but she sailed it through. The journey itself was quite challenging as one has imagined, and finances are something that one can’t negate, Mukti tells that it took her 2 years to grow to the level where she could have equal money via her YouTube venture, and the first thing she did was to raise the investment, I.e., save money, and buy herself a camera. Soon, once assured of her gut feeling, Mukti decided to be whole dedicatedly devoted to her audience.

    But when the audience loves someone, they just don’t love their professional zeal, but also try to spy on their private meddles, which can be seen in Mukti scenarios as well. Being highly candid and transparent, Mukti says she found a deeper connection with her audience. To put some fun-loving reels and videos, she along with her brother, Aditya, and her now husband, Onkar started a new channel with the name “OMG Channel”, which is also an acronym for their names. The channel deals with crazy food experiments, and the love for Indian cuisine. Even without posting a single video, their channel grew to fame and amassed 1 lakh subscribers. Feeling grateful, Mukti says that if it is not what deep love is, then what could it be? It is only their love that now the channel has surpassed over 683K subscribers.

    Being also a businesswoman, gaining her capital in the field of Ayurveda with her 100% women-employed brand, the ‘Om Dhatu’, Mukti tells how it was cumbersome for her to maintain and make time for everything. On some days she felt burned out, but as they say that behind a single successful person, many people are standing strong like a back, Mukti had her father from her early childhood, her brother, her husband, and now her extended family. She says that though one has to deal with greater responsibilities after marriage, scheduling everything helped her greatly.

    Mukti is a name in the industry now, where men have tried to subjugate their position, Mukti has shown what truly self-independent women are capable of doing. Featured in TLJ fitness Magazine, and awarded “Best Fitness Vlogger” in 2019, she had it all. A zeal, a fighting spirit, the courage to not defer, and most importantly, a sensible approach where she had to lead to. With her endeavors, Mukti also tries to push her heart for the causes she deeply feels devoted to, including women’s upliftment, childcare, and the essentials of the body. Seeing a person with their true intrinsic values grow, and fly can only put one in a state of deep satisfaction, that yes, the world can still be a place worth living for! So here, let’s just see, follow, and pray, for what more she is out there to change, that too definitely for the good.


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