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  • Thursday, May, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:19:11
  • Diwali is around the corner and we can’t keep calm. Festivities along with the excitement, happiness and gifts also brings concerns, especially during Covid-19 pandemic chances spike even more than ever. Safety should be watchword during celebrations whether outdoor or indoors, let’s not skip the fact that data of illness and injuries or any casualty crosses threshold during festive season only. From road accidents to assaults, respiratory problems, abdominal pain and burns the festive season to some people are nothing but just hunky-dory beginnings which end to bad experience. To avoid the casualties and to keep the momentum of happiness high below are some things to keep in mind during festive season.

    1.  Emergency Number– Harping on festivals and their preparations might make you forget about the fact that during this time only emergency management services in the city, including ambulance operators, fire and rescue personnel see a surge in accidents during the festivals. We all wish to enjoy celebrations however sometimes situations encountered may cause panic and confusion, therefore to respond the best you should have some emergency numbers handy like ambulance number, while 102 is well versed by every Indian, private ambulance contact can be a life savior in times of emergency . StanPlus a full-stack medical assistance company, aggregates and standardizes hospital ambulances, private operators, government-run services, and mom-and-pop ambulances through a unified tech platform. It also runs its own fleet of Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances.

    2.  Safety Apps– Commence of festive season rings for shopping as well, and females love to indulge with this but what is not welcomed is the insecurity a family has while their females are out either for shopping or for any other businesses. Safety applications like Safetipin, Women Safety and many other will ensure to update the near and dear ones if they are stuck in an unsafe place. The apps have features like a user customized list of emergency contacts to alert and dissemination of GPS-determined location.

    3.  A Reminder for your health– Excitements and hectic schedule can make you forget about your medications, which are crucial for your health and can’t be taken for granted. And giving a gentle reminder on medications by dear ones could be grappling for them, application like Medisafe can resolve the issue by giving alerts on your phone for when to take your pills or supplements. The app gives a buzz even if you are running low on your supplies.

    4.  Safe Commutation– Nothing gives a better feeling than seeing broad smiles on your dear ones after travelling long hours just to be at home with people you love to celebrate the festival. But sometimes commutation can be uncertain with unpleasant experience, incase if you’re travelling long distance by road make sure you have applications installed in your phone like Ola or Uber which provides you with a cab on your live location and drops you safely at the doorstep of your selected destination.

    5.  First aid emergency– When stuck between do’s and don’ts while trying to cope with the first aid emergency Indian Red Cross First Aid can clear the dilemma by providing you first aid guidelines to handle day-to-day emergencies like bleeding, burn, chest pain, chocking, asthma and etc.

    The joy is doubled when safety is ensured and chances of casualties are reduced. By ensuring comprehensive safety we ensure only happiness and good health. 


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