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Thinking Of Migrating To The US Soon? Read This First

The United States of America has always been a preferred destination for Indians looking to emigrate to another country. The latest census data found that the US is home to over 2.7 million Indian immigrants, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Though renowned as a land of opportunity, migrating and getting settled in the US isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. But now that air travel is gradually getting easier, it might be a good opportunity to start making plans to move. You just need to keep in mind the changes that have come to the US immigration process.

What you need to have on-hand at customs

Few developments have come to the procedures once you’re at Customs and Border Control. That being said, you should ensure you have all the essential documents you need to present. This includes your valid visa, immigration documents, passport, and other travel documents. 
The most notable new requirement for entry to the United States is proof of a negative COVID-19 test result no more than three days before embarking. If you or anyone with you had contracted COVID-19 recently, you would need to present documentation of recovery within the past three months.  The check is usually made before air travellers board, but you may be asked for these documents at Customs as an extra layer of precaution.

US immigration laws are currently in flux

A lot of big changes were brought to US immigration policy due to the Biden administration. These are all very new and have had little time to cement themselves, so it’s easy to get lost in the tangle of new regulations clashing with old. An overhaul for US immigration has been 

in the works since January of 2021, and is continuing to undergo changes to this day. While there are a lot more allowances in place for new arrivals and unauthorized immigrants, many things are not yet set in stone. This is especially a problem for your citizenship application process. Maintaining compliance over the extensive petitioning procedure can involve a myriad of variables that can be hard to keep track of, according to Farmer Law PC. Considering how much of current immigration policy is liable to change, you are best advised to enlist the help of immigration attorneys to ensure that none of your efforts to achieve citizenship do not go to waste.

Getting settled in the United States 

Getting settled in the US nowadays involves a bit more effort than it once did. For the basic processes, the USCIS offers new LPRs primers on how the US handles child care, education, basic welfare, and other social programs. Beyond this baseline information and assistance, however, immigrants are left to make their own way. Government help is not always reliable, especially in these times of uncertainty.

Most opportunities in the US only open up for those with good credit, so it’s important to establish your credit score as soon as possible. If your home bank also operates in the US, your local credit might be enough for you to hit the ground running once you immigrate. Otherwise, it pays to educate yourself on how to raise your US credit score before you even arrive. You’re also best advised to begin arrangements to apply for a US social security number, as well as familiarize yourself with federal and state laws, before travelling to the country.

If all goes well, immigration proceedings and quality of life for immigrants to the United States stand to improve substantially in the near future. But while we’re still in this precarious state of affairs, those who are looking to move to the US are advised to be vigilant, and take advantage of every assistance they can obtain.

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