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  • This Cricket Season cheer with Cornitos – Crunch Ka Superhero

    Published on May 2, 2022

    Cricket is one of the most celebrated seasons in India, and it is incomplete without family and snacks! As we cheer for our favorite teams to win, our appetite wants to munch on flavourful and healthy options. Cornitos gets the best of both worlds together with Cornitos Crusties and Nachos Crisps. 

    Crusties come in flavors that are a mix of twists like the end of each over of the match. This healthy zigzag-looking snack is baked, not fried. Enjoy the taste of curries and zesty lemons with Rajma Crusties King Curry and Rajma Crusties Lemon Chili. This cricket season has brought a mix of Indian and foreign players just like the Chana Crusties Dilli Chaat and Chana Crusties Cheesy Garlic. When the humble potato gets a dash of flavors with Potato Crusties Peri Peri and Potato Crusties Italian Cheese, it is a sure win for the stomach.

    The perfect mix of crunchy, versatile snacks to keep your spirits high and cheer through both the innings and even the super over! With the perfect texture, Cornitos Nachos Crisps are available in different and exotic international flavors like Cheese and Herbs, Sizzlin Jalapeno, Tomato Mexicana, and Salsa Dip. It is perfect for binge-eating healthy snacks during the matches. 

    Share crunchy nachos crisps and Crusties with your friends and family to unwind while enjoying your favorite sport.


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