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    This Patna Lady Rediscovering the Folklore of Bihar Through Innovation in Dance

    Published on April 28, 2021

    “The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing.” – Amit Kalantri

    Dance is something joyful and a means of expressing, defining, and affirming our identity. When it comes to all this, Dr. Shubham Shree is no stranger. Through art in various forms, she has been spreading positivity and awareness about several social causes. Dance is one of her well recognized talent, and she surely has received huge appreciation for the same, over the years.

    Dr. Shubham feels that there is a strong need of reviving Bihar’s long-lost dance heritage. For the same cause, she has worked on a few projects over the last few years. One of them was done recently, which was a recreation of some dance forms. The group’s dressing and makeup was based on the Manjusha Art caricatures. An art form rooting from the Ang region, in the Indus Valley civilization. It was a greatly appreciated video, in a sense that there was strong encouragement for the next generation to stay connected to their roots. The video basically depicted some traditional Bihar folk dances like Kajri, Faagun, Jhijhiya, Kohbar and Sohar, which are performed on different occasions.

    Dr. Shubham has received huge appreciation for the work she has been doing, along with the members of her group named Amrapali Creative Group. Since the folk dances are not that well recognized as other states Punjab, Gujrat, West Bengal, Assam, etc. The group’s vision is to promote Bihar’s folklore, and to make people aware of the rich traditions and the cultural heritage. Through folk dances, the group wants make people aware about various customs and regions of Bihar, and also to improve the impression that the folk songs of Bihar aren’t governed by the Bhojpuri industry. Folks are entirely different from what people perceive. The folk dances must be passed on to the upcoming generations, so that they can learn more about their culture.

    Dr. Shubham stated that her team comprises of individuals, who are not there to perform professionally, but for the love of their passion. The group’s makeup artist, Deepshika Pandey and the choreographer Sharvani Mimansa have shared some really strong opinions. Sharvani once stated that, any dance form doesn’t concern with how a person’s appearance should be. She wishes to break the stereotype. According to her, dance isn’t performed by looks, but by heart and soul. Deepshika at the same time, feels that the conventional gender-based stereotyping for professional choices should be broken for a new societal transformation.