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  • This Raksha Bandhan FlowerAura celebrates the family we choose

    Published on August 5, 2022


    In collaboration with Some Place Nice this beautiful campaign is a tribute to those selfless relations that we create.

    Delhi : This year, we reasoned that since Rakhi is such a lovely occasion to celebrate connections. FlowerAura wanted to celebrate the family that WE choose. This campaign is a gratitude for the unsung heroes who make our everyday lives so much easier and safe. The idea was to go beyond the traditional approach of “Raksha Bandhan” and celebrate some unique bonds, our brothers by choice that make our life so special. It’s that one day where we can celebrate people who look after us so selflessly.  For instance, our guard bhaiya, who is there even if we need the smallest of things and always watches our backs.

    This Ad is beautifully crafted in collaboration with Mumbai based advertising and film production company – Some Place Nice with a hidden idea to not just restrict the celebration of rakhi to our nearest relative and to commemorate the special relationship we have with the brothers and sisters of our choosing. This admirable initiative is a homage to the altruistic brothers and sisters in our family who put our needs above their own every day and make sure the women around them feel guarded.

    On this Shrey Sehgal, Co-Founder, FlowerAura says Rakhi is such a beautiful celebration of relationships, so this time we thought why restrict it just to our closest kins? Why not celebrate the unique bond we share with the brothers/sisters of our own choice like our guard bhaiya, our cook etc. This beautiful campaign #celebrateunsungheroes is a tribute to those selfless brothers and sisters who ensure that we women feel safe day in and day out, our family that puts us before themselves.


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