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  • Friday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:18:34
  • By Anup Biswas


    Haflong: Under the initiative of Shri Debolal Gorlosa, Chief Executive Member, N C Hills Autonomous Council, Dima Hasao, with the adage of “CAST FOR A CAUSE”, three mega angling tournament in a row i.e. monthly has been organised  July 26, August 24 and September 14. 

    This mega event is organized with support from Department of Forest, Fisheries and Tourism for promotion of conservative angling with rod and reel, boosting tourism prospect and engagement of youths in the field of self-employment through adventure sports like water rafting and angling in the region.

    Dehangi is well connected via Haflong-Lanka-Guwahati Road, Silchar-Harangajao-Haflong Road and Shillong-Umrangso Road. The Mighty Diyung River flows quietly through the tiny township of Dehangi which harbour many fish species found previously in abundance. The river here had taken the toll of over fishing, poisoning and dynamiting in the past. Since 2015, with active and supportive leadership of Chief Executive Member, the river has been revived with total banning poisoning, dynamiting and electrocution process. We now boost of some good size fish, especially Golden & Chocolate Masheer, one can also find Goonch, Snakehead, Catfish, Feather Back, Seenghala etc.


    1.The competition is bank fishing only with one person one rod basis. Anglers intended to use extra rods have to bear extra tickets as desired.

    1. All anglers are requested to maintain decorum during the event.
    2. All outstation anglers are requested to bring their own camping items, insect repellent, first aid kits etc.
    3. All catches have to be reported to our volunteers’ station at logistic point to record and registered as valid for the competition.
    4. Distance between two anglers should be maintained and disturbing others shall not be tolerated.
    5. Any fish with scale shall be counted for the prize; however Masheer and its family will be given first preference subject to proper records and practice of Catch and Release. Prize catches will be decided on length wise.
    6. Any foul and unfair practice shall lead to disqualification.
    7. Littering the angling zone is strictly prohibited.
    8. Food stall be placed at specific zone catering local cuisine.
    9. The decision of the Committee shall be final and binding.

    For Registration, kindly contact: 7637932172, 9678536176, 7002967439 or mail at: [email protected]