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  • Three suspected Bangladeshis entering Tripura and smuggling cows, Cow owners attacked, villagers beat Bangladeshi youth to death. 2 managed to escape

    Published on November 8, 2021

    by Bhupen Goswami

    GUWAHATI : The trade in cross-border livestock smuggling is said to be worth 20,000 crore rupees and leaders, officers, police, security forces, etc. Because this smuggling is not possible without the connivance of corrupt officials of police, border security and customs. Cows are most trafficked from the border with West Bengal. Then there are the States of Assam, Bihar, Tripura, etc.

    A senior CBI official said that thousands of cows reach Bangladesh daily through the border area of West Bengal including the north-eastern state. The CBI believes that only five per cent of the number of cows smuggled is stopped by the BSF. The incident of cow smuggling in Tripura late last night has created a sensation across the country. According to reports, cases of cow smuggling by Bangladeshis are on the rise in Tripura. One such case has come to light again. The trio is alleged to have been caught by the owner with the help of a neighbour when they entered a house to steal the bovine.

    Two of the three accused managed to escape but one could not escape. Police sources said he was then beaten to death by locals in anger. Police said two of the three suspected thieves managed to escape. But a young man was caught by the people of the locality and then thrashed. Police have recovered mobile phones and Bangladeshi currency from the spot. The victim is yet to be identified. The incident is said to have taken place in Kamal Nagar village of Sepahijala district of Tripura. According to media reports, they had also attacked the cow owner Paul. Paul suffered injuries on his ears in the attack, which is undergoing treatment at GB hospital in the capital Agartala.

    The cattle smugglers are likely to be residents of Kumila district across the border. According to police, the Bangladeshi currency found with them is pointing to their being Bangladeshi. Earlier in June 2021, 3 suspects were beaten to death on charges of animal trafficking in 2 separate incidents in Khowai district. A week ago, Assam Police arrested 10 Bangladeshis from the Bazarikharra police checkpost on the Assam-Tripura border. Tell you, the police told you that these livestock are cut and exported as packaged meat in Bangladesh. Apart from this, this meat is also sold extensively in the local market. Experts point out that this meat is the largest source of protein in Bangladesh. Animal trafficking from India takes place on such a large scale that the dairy industry in Bangladesh has collapsed.


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