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  • “Time To Revive Worship Of Feminine Across World”: Sadhguru On Durga Puja’s UNESCO Recognition

    Published on December 17, 2021

    Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, joined the nation in celebrating the addition of Kolkata’s Durga Puja to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.

    Taking to Twitter, Sadhguru explained the significance of this feat. “Bharat is the only Culture that continues to celebrate and worship the Feminine. Time to revive this practice all across the world to enable Human Beings to explore Higher Dimensions of Life. Gratitude to #UNESCO for elevating #DurgaPuja to a Global celebration of the Feminine,” he wrote.

    Expressing gratitude towards UNESCO for the recognition, Sadhguru pointed out, “Celebration and worship of the Feminine is a part of the Culture of Bharat. This is something that needs to rise once again all across the world as it used to be a millennia ago, that Feminine was worshipped all over the world. Well, that has changed due to patriarchal dominance in the last 1000 years. It is time that once again the worship and celebration of the Feminine rises. Congratulations to Durga Puja celebrations in Bengal and Gratitude to UNESCO for recognising this.”

    “There are many such phenomenal events in the country which need similar recognition. This is a rich & vibrant culture which is full of such events & it needs to find Global attention and recognition because this allows Human Beings to transcend beyond narrow dogmas and philosophies.” he further added.

    Sadhguru has highlighted recognition of feminine several times in the past as well. He has said that bringing awareness to the divine feminine is of great significance in today’s world, when we are growing through various levels of crisis, particularly ecological ones. At a juncture like this, where our own capabilities, science, technology and enterprise is destroying the very basis of our life, the divine feminine becomes very significant.

    Explaining the need to bring awareness of divine feminine, he had earlier said, “If the feminine was dominant, the population would eat for sure. Compassion, love and aesthetics would be dominant, not conquest.”


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