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  • Tips for building long-term passive income with SikhleIndia: Manoj Mor

    Published on March 4, 2022

    “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” — Mark Zuckerberg

    Manoj Mor started on YouTube with a streamlined goal – educating the audience about the upcoming business opportunities, motivation, and purpose-driven video content. His approach garnered him over 1.5 million followers and made him a celebrity among his audience who benefitted from his content. Soon after, Manoj Mor launched SikhleIndia, a website dedicated to entrepreneurship, business building, and the upcoming trends in passive income streams. His web portal is free of cost and available in the Hindi language so that the audience who isn’t well versed with the English language doesn’t fall behind in cultivating new ideas and passive income streams. Manoj Mor shares a few tips for building a rewarding passive income stream:

    No venture is too small

    Moving on to the next big thing and ignoring a small, niche idea is a bad idea. The concept of thriving with a passive income stream is built on leveraging new and emerging business areas that have lesser competition. One should never ignore an idea just because the reward is very small. All gigantic brands started as niche products or services and then expanded to million-dollar conglomerates.

    Instant gratification

    Passive income streams take some time to execute and bear rewards. As a business owner and entrepreneur, one should never look or yearn for instant gratification. Focus on the longevity of the income stream and as long as you’re able to generate revenue, never abandon the venture. I could list out numerous passive income businesses that became big and rewarding, but only for those who patiently worked for it.

    Pick a niche that matches your skills

    Stay close to your primary skills set while selecting a niche for passing income. It shouldn’t exactly match but should have a component that you are good in. It could be communication skills, sales, IT, business, etc. If the course you’ll learn and progress with time but if you pick a relevant niche you’ll have a decent headstart. Don’t become the next blogger just because there’s money in it. Rather think about the efforts that the niche requires and whether you can sustain that for a long time or not.

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