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  • Did you know that there are close to 17 million car sales each year in the United States of America? It’s difficult to overcome the excitement and adrenaline that comes with deciding that you want to purchase a new car. Once that feeling sinks in, it’s time to start looking at ways to sell your old car for some extra spending money.

    Selling a used car is something that you shouldn’t take lightly in an economy where every dollar matters. Taking the right steps for car maintenance and marketing is crucial for selling a used car.

    The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect guide for selling your junk car for extra money that you can put toward buying a new ride. Keep reading this article for some helpful tips today!

    Get Your Paperwork Around

    As with any major transaction, expect to deal with a ton of paperwork when you sell a used car. It’s best to collect all of your service records in addition to the title for the vehicle if you want to make a sale sooner than later. The owner’s manual and the warranty information are also important, especially if the vehicle still has warranty coverage.

    You’ll need the title and a valid bill of sale for the vehicle if you have plans to sell your old car before you purchase a new one. Service records aren’t required, but they’re important if you want to get the best car price when you sell your previous ride. 

    Decide Where to Sell

    You have multiple options to consider when you decide that the time is right for selling a used car. One option that you should consider is selling the car in your local area on your own. You can put up ads on Facebook Marketplace, and online automotive apps, and put signs up around your town.

    This route requires more work on your end but you should fetch a better price when you choose this approach. Listing your car on a website will help you sell your used car quicker but you’ll need to pay a fee in order to list the vehicle on that site and you’ll reach more interested buyers.

    The last option that you should consider is selling your vehicle to a dealership. This is a great option if you need money in your account sooner than later and you’re not worried about fetching the best deal.

    You won’t get a great price when you purchase from a dealer, but you’ll get a guaranteed sale. You can find out more here.

    Analyze the Market

    You should also look at selling a used car when the market is on fire and the prices are high. The season in which you attempt to sell your vehicle will have a big impact on the number of interested buyers and the types of vehicles that they’re interested in. Selling an all-wheel drive crossover is much easier during the winter months since buyers are looking for added traction and control.

    It’s also important to consider where you live when you analyze the market. You get a great price when you’re selling an SUV or a truck in a rural area. The same applies when you’re selling a fuel-efficient minivan or SUV in an urban area since it is perfect for hauling kids and groceries around.

    Know the Price

    It’s also a good idea to take on some market research in your free time to see what similar cars to your old car are selling for. Don’t set your price based on the best car that you find unless your car is pristine. This is a great way to feel out the market and find the right price to list your old car at.

    The condition of your vehicle is also important to think about, and you’ll need to be realistic with yourself and your potential customers when you’re selling a junk car. It’s important to use all of the resources available to you when you start shopping for a new car and selling a used car.

    Prep Your Car

    Many interested buyers will be turned off by your old car if you fail to wash and clean it before heading to make the sale. You need to set some time aside to wash and wax the exterior of the vehicle and clean the interior. It’s a good idea to find a car detailing service near you if you want to get your car looking like the best car on the market.

    Take Top-Notch Photos

    The photos that you take of your used car will make a massive difference when it comes to the timeline for the sale as well as the number of interested buyers. Many people believe that the photos of the car are the most important things to consider outside of the mileage and the accident history of the car.

    Look to capture your ride from as many vantage points as possible to show off the condition of the paint and the body of the car. It’s also important to have good lighting if you want to attract more buyers after listing your car for sale.

    Plan Ahead for Test Drives

    It is only fair that your potential buyer will want to test drive your car before they spend the money to purchase it. Handing the keys to your car over to a stranger is risky, so it’s a good idea to notify your insurance company ahead of time. You should also take the extra step of photographing the driver’s license of the person who is taking your car for a spin.

    Now You’re Ready to Start Selling a Used Car

    Selling a used car involves a lot more work than you might imagine at first glance, but it’s the best way to get a strong return for your junk car. Do your own market analysis to determine what a fair price is when you sell your old car, and plan ahead for any test drives. It’s also important to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle before selling it.

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